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The Idea  

The whole intention of this website is to share my knowledge of M Series TVRs and the Ford V6 Essex Engine to anyone who is interested.

My aim is to save enthusiasts of these cars wasted time & effort looking around (like I have in the past) for parts that are very hard to source, for methods of carrying out certain repairs, and for technical data that is also difficult to find.

I am a car fanatic and have been working on cars since 1986. In 1995 I opened Minifix, running a servicing/bodywork garage right through to 2001, and have twice worked in a parts department of a Main Dealer Franchise in Oxford, UK. Currently I'm working as a Motor Vehicle Technician on modern day vehicles...to further increase my knowledge as recent important changes have recently made cars much more complex such as multiplex wiring with computers for almost every item (e.g. Xenon headlamps, Parking Brake, ABS, Air Conditioning, Instrument Panel, Power Distribution, Stability & Traction Control, Electrically powered steering etc etc). Newer technology around the corner will be fly by wire steering, braking - already a feature in some manufacturers' vehicles.

I believe that you can never stop learning about cars, so that's what this site is about - putting down my findings & experience in hard copy. Your questions are also welcome and will contribute to the ever growing source of subject matter.

Thanks for visiting!


A donation to M-Fix towards the upkeep of this site can be made here using your debit/credit card etc

Alternatively you may wish to advertise on this website, as the traffic is now approx. 40 hits per day and steadily growing. If so please drop me an email for information on costs.


intend to expand this site into an e-commerce store, including an online payment system and next day (UK) delivery service. When this happens is not certain due to the minefield of legal and administrative factors which I have to get sorted.

The range oroducts on offer will be small to begin with, but should include engine parts (ignition/cams/service kits/gasket sets etc), bodywork kits (specific fibreglass kits to suit the repairs you have to make), and a few other items not yet sorted out. I should also be able to offer a Weber Carburettor spares service through one of my suppliers.

In each case, I hope to provide an instruction leaflet for each product sold as I've been so frustrated in the past with getting a part and no after sales help at all. For example, a bodywork kit will include a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a repair to your type of damage.

Export Goods - This is also a service which I hope to introduce where I can put orders of various parts together to save export customers on individual shipping charges. As I have experience in both exporting and parts sourcing, this can be put to good use. More on this subject will appear in due course.


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