Page last updated 6th January 2016

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is fitted to some M Series models, although this appears to be a rare option especially for UK cars.

Many thanks to Valerio from The TVR Car Club Italia for the following information:

Against the wise adwise of Enzo Fiorini (the electrical TVR withard of the TVR CAR CLUB ITALIA) an air conditioning system was fitted in my old M..

Forget any unit used by the German V6 There is not space.

The compressor: a unit from a Ford Fiesta (KPW 8903/2) comes with a fixing braket. Similar compact units (japanise or european) can be find in internet for a few pounds. Naturally you have to play with belts and pulleys alignaments but that it relatively simple. There are a few places to place the compressor: the opposit side of the alternator (simmetrical) seemed the most logical.

The coolant rad: a coolant gas rad must be positioned in front of the Car radiator. "M"s do not have a large air intake and you must find a very small unit (eg Micra). If you could use all bits from the same donor it could be easier... but bespoke piping is required. The poor dimensions of the air intake and the extra rad limit the air reaching the car rad. An extra fan and a duct ware put in placed to force air in bur we were obliged to recore the car rad with smaller diameter tubing to better water cooling. Even so the extra fan started very frequently and stayed on in ordinary town traffic even in winter. However the engine never overheated.

The blower unit: anotrher big problem was to find space for the blower unit inside the car. Ideally the place should be under the dash on the passenger side but again not enough space. The passenger compartment has a lot of leg space the blower was placed at the bottom of the footwell against the panel dividing the cabin from the engine (in 911 Porsches)

The vents: under the dash there is no space for ducting. The hottest part of the car is under the dash (we say British cars cook drivers' feet) so we went for the easy solution: two Saab 900 vents (my fitter had them on a shelf) fixed on brackets under the far left and the far right under the dash and two vents under the dash on the side of the central tunnel over the eater outlet.

The switch and the temperature reg was placed under the steering wheel.

Well, after a lot of money and a lot of agg the result was not good.
The explanation is simple: the car is not built for air con.

There is no system to force out the cabin air, the doors do not close tight enough (windows frame) there is no insulation in the roof or in the engine compartment, no tinted windows.... and an enourmous rear fixed glass act as a greenhouse in the winter.... in the Italian summer one could probably fry eggs on it!

In Italy we used blinds for car windows and I found them very useful at the back in the summer. Still it would be pleasent to have more air circulating a tilting Webasto would be wonderful) and a depression air outlet for forcing air out would help (probably the SAAB 900 rear outlet would do)....

On my experience fitting air conditioning in a M has been an expensive and sterile exercise that I would not recomend.
The M I use these days hasr has a factory soft Webasto roof and I do not regret the air con... after all it is a TVR,
Totally uncomfortablle
Very noisy
Rigorously fun