Classic TVR Adverts
Page last updated September 3, 2008

TVR Classified Free Adverts

Welcome to the new Minifix TVR Classified pages. Adverts are totally free and wordage is limited to 100 words - see below for details:

Please send adverts by e-mail to - cars will be added within 24 hours & you will be notified by e-mail. Attach photo if you wish (max size 250kb) & I will publish, along with wordage (max 100 words) totally free of charge.

A form will appear on this page soon, but for the mean-time please make sure you state a contact telephone number and/or e-mail address to enable prospective buyers to contact you (I will not disclose you e-mail address to anyone unless you specify you want it to appear on advert).

Adverts will be on site until you notify us - please e-mail when you wish to remove.

This website is becoming increasingly popular with TVR fans around the world, so you have nothing to lose by advertising your car here - you may be pleasantly surprised.

WARNING: Recently I have found advertising on the internet attracts interest not only from potential buyers, but also from scammers and people trying to gain from dishonesty. In particular this has been found to be the case regarding potential buyers of classic vehicles and also of some high value or rare car parts.

SELLING CARS: Beware of any enquiry which asks you for your full home address immediately in the first email you receive from the interested party. One seller has informed me that he was asked for his address and this could well be so the enquirer can steal his car for sale.

SELLING PARTS: Beware of any enquiry especially if the buyer is from a country you wouldn't normally associate TVR owners with - the most common countries (according to this website's data) are UK, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, in fact most of Europe, also Australia. Many scams come from African countries and Eastern Europe so be extra careful. Do not use Western Union for receiving payment, DO NOT give any of your bank account details, and request the buyer uses Paypal if at all possible. Even then, sometimes Paypal can refund a buyer if he/she accuses you of not sending the item, and I have heard this can happen even when a seller has sent the item but the buyer denies this. Always use an Insured method of posting the item so you don't lose out if the Mail Service lose/damage the item.

In short, just be very careful selling (and buying) - if at all possible meet the seller face to face and deal in cash if possible. Always take a Counterfeit Money Marker Pen to ensure the cash you receive is authentic.

I have recenlty been a target from a money laundering gang here in my home town who tried to get me to fill their car with fuel using my payment card, and they would give me the cash in return! Their excuse was that the overnight pumps only took card & not cash and that his fuel light had just come on so he was stuck. This was almost certainly fake cash they were trying to launder. The guy was a "local" taxi driver which was the main giveaway - why didn't he call a Taxi mate to give him the fuel? After I refused the Taxi driver went to a second car & I heard him tell the occupants that I refused - they then sped away!