Last Updated 21 November, 2013


Suspension Overview

The suspension on the M Series is the independent wishbone type, with TVR produced tubular steel wishbones. Running gear is Triumph TR6, which includes steering rack & column, front hubs/balljoints/trunnions/brakes, rear hubs & brake drums - but these are fitted to a TVR produced cast alloy hub block. The top bush in these can wear significantly if not checked for a long time - requiring re-bushing with a steel sleeve from an engineer. Any cracks in this alloy block should not be ignored - this would require immediate replacement. Springs & dampers are again TVR designed, although other manufacturers produce/produced aftermarket versions which make this slightly easier for the owner who likes to do their own maintenance.

The ride is fairly solid as standard, but uprated springs and dampers are available to improve roadholding - especially important if car is to be used on the track for more than the odd occasion. A front anti-roll bar (TVR produced) is also fitted, with a link rod at each end - originally from another vehicle manufacturer but modified to allow fitment to the M series.

The rear suspension has variable angle wishbones with special adjuster nuts - allowing the rear geometry to be aligned and altered.

The bushes fitted to all the wishbones are the same size and the rubber type are standard fitment - special plastic bushes are available & recommended when time comes to replace. Remember to always fit these to both sides if replacing just, say, one pair for a wishbone, as the handling and response will be altered once fitted.