Page last updated 12-Dec-2015
Technical Questions - History

The technical questions section was set up back in 1999 when the internet was still relatively new, to assist owners with TVR related problems. Back in those days it was difficult enough to find a garage who would be willing to repair an "old" car.

Two decades later, it is certainly easier to find answers online, with pistonheads forum taking the lead in fast friendly help.

I have re-opened the archive to all past questions, simply as the survey form on the homepage allows visitors to ask for future improvements to this website. I will be updating the old green pages to white ones (to match the rest of this website), and will also enter new info, should any more questions come in.

Disclaimer: All technical advice given in this section, and anywhere else on this website is intended to give genuine information to the best of my knowledge. It is intended to give general guidance only, and no responsibility can therefore be taken by M-Fix for any mishaps or accidents as a result of the action of anyone who is not experienced in motor vehicle repair, or simply uses the articles here to complete a task. If you are not experienced, please seek the advice of a local reputable car repair garage.