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Technical Questions - Buying TVRs


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24th December 2004

by Paul Bennett

I am interested in purchasing a TVR3000m that is being advertised.

Where will I find the following

Engine number
Chassis no plate
Commission number plate

What numbers should there be and should they match with the commission plate and v5.

The chassis number is normally stamped on the offside tube on a flat welded plate near the alternator.
The engine number is on the back of the block - near where it meets the gearbox - sometimes this can be covered with paint as it's stamped in.
The commission plate should be riveted to the bulkhead near the 2 fuseboxes and will show chassis number, engine number & paint codes only. The numbers should of course match, but engine changes rarely get notified to the DVLA so don't worry if it's different - simply tell the DVLA on the log book by asking the seller to put this on his part of the form in the box provided. The chassis number may also be different if a new one has been fitted at any time (also quite common)....therefore it's not that easy to check the ID of these cars as these cars don't have a body number as such.