Page last updated 15 August, 2010
TVR Car Club Track Days

Castle Combe April 28th 2008

The weather was cold, windy, and occasionally wet! The turnout was very low I think due to this, and also the fact that this year everyone has had their easter holidays already and didn't want another day off.

Despite the weather it was mostly dry, apart from the lunchtime thunderstorm.

The oldest TVR on the track! Where are the Wedges, M's, Vixens, Griffiths, Granturas, Tuscans?

The TVRs were driven pretty hard.

This Griffith had a silencer extension to get it through the noise level test.

Tamora not seen on the track.

Fewer cars made the track time better, less in the way means faster driving! Yellow fields and colour of the sky don't show up here so well, but made it a nice day for spectating.

A Lotus owners club attended, along with some 2 seater Vauxhalls to make 3 sessions in total.

I've got to get the 3000M on the track very soon, see how it compares with some of the newer cars!

TVR Car Club Track Day - Castle Combe June 24th 2005

The line up this year consisted of mostly post 1990's cars, a few TVR S's, one wedge, and a couple of pre M Series cars. I arrived at 12pm due to bad weather amongst other things, and another rain storm arrived at 1.30pm making things pretty dicey on the circuit. However, by 2.45pm the clouds thinned and some warm hazy sunshine dried out the track in time for most to enjoy the faster driving until 4pm when the track was closed to the TVRs to make way for track recognition trips for the race teams (Formula 3 & Mini Racing plus others). The photo above shows the lines of TVRs getting ready for their track sessions, the thunder clouds just giving way to some brighter weather.

One of the very few "old" TVRs to use the circuit today. Where were the M's and Taimars??? Hopefully I will be taking the 3000M to most track days as soon as I can get the exhaust fabricated to the correct shape & noise output....more on that soon.

One M Series was at the circuit - although I'm not sure why it wasn't actually driven on the circuit. From the amount of things stored in the back of the car I guess it was someones "storage vehicle" while the other car was on the track...

From what I saw, the new Sagaris was pretty good on the Track, although due to the conditions and early finish most were not driven to their full potential. Only a handful of TVR drivers risked taking their cars to more daring speeds, and some paid for their mistakes with 360º spins - very entertaining!

Noise levels are a real problem now for the old cars - and almost all of them need additional silencers to get below the tough noise restrictions. However, a couple of newer cars were very loud and must have somehow sneaked through without noise tests, hmmm....