New M Series Heated Windscreens!
Page last updated 2nd September 2015

Uroglas can supply tinted, heated windscreens for the TVR M series (also fits pre M series cars).

Heating is by a fine wire system embedded between the glass layers (similar to that in a Ford Mondeo). The tech.spec. is 12v, 14amps, 168watts.

Comes with cable connections for live and earth. Requires a relay (preferably with timer – available from Ford for Mondeo/Focus heated screens) and a switch (push-button, reset type if using a timer relay).

These screens are available off the shelf @ £246.00 + VAT + shipping (shipping is £65 + VAT to most parts of mainland UK). Worldwide shipping not a problem.

Anyone interested in purchasing a heated windscreen should contact Uroglas via email or by telephone +44 (0) 1527 577 477. (Please mention you saw the advert on the M-Fix website)

Unheated also available
We can also supply unheated screens. These are made to order with around a five week lead time. Clear laminated glass is £189 + VAT, green tint is £192 + VAT and clear or green with a blue top shade band are £198 + VAT. Shipping is as for the heated windscreen.

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