Wiring diagram for the M Series

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This wiring diagram has been produced for everyone who's been searching for more help when solving their M Series wiring problems.

I have made a more than average commitment in producing this, but it's still free. You have the opportunity to make a donation towards further similar work if you feel this diagram proves useful. I will amend and produce a new version as and when the need arises, so please point out any obvious errors or good ideas and they will be looked into immediately.

The file is downloadable in .pdf format, and can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which most people will already have on their computer. if not see the link below. This will also allow it to be printed but will need to be split into about 8x A4 sheets as it creates a large sheet (better when working as every component has some space around it). Use the selection tool to print a section at a time, then join the sheets up afterwards with tape.

I ask that you don't distribute this file yourself, instead send anyone interested to this page so it could help with the funding of future projects. Finally, thanks to my Cad Monkey for making this possible!

M Series Wiring Diagram Version 1.0

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