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10 July, 2012

Very much under construction, but will continue until every part you can think of has a comment - however long it takes.....!
At last here is the page you need to find those hard to get parts for your TVR M Series/Taimar. Parts are grouped into a logical order, and suppliers are listed where parts are stocked (this will be updated as and when parts availability is known so may be incomplete for a while). Please help me update this list with your parts knowledge...and list is printable for your use.



Available from Last Known Price

Servo & Master Cylinder

Triumph TR6

Other type non TR6 with plastic reservoir & two ports on this going into cylinder

See Rimmer Brothers Website

TRW part number PMF226
Ford Cortina 1300 Oct 1966 to March 1972
Ford Cortina Estate (GBNK) 1600 Aug 1970 to Feb 1976
Ford Cortina 1600 - (CBTS, GBTS, GBFS) 1600 May 1975 to July 1979
Ford Cortina Estate 1600 (GBNS) May 1975 to Feb 1979

Ford Cortina '80 1600 (GBS, GBNS) July 1979 to July 1982

Pressure Warning Differential Valve Aston Martin? - Aston made a batch of these in 2005 - probably no longer available but worth an email to them just in case.  
Front Calipers Triumph TR6 2 types may have been used
Front Discs Triumph TR6  
Rear Brake Cylinders Triumph TR6

Not only are there two types of disc caliper fitted to an 'M' but the rear brake cylinders also vary. It appears that the latter 'PB' caliper with metric fittings, is matched to a 0.75 inch cylinder while the earlier version has a 0.7 inch. These are 'american' spec apparently. I have been informed that the units are interchangeable however.

Many thanks to Alan Nicholls for this information.

Flexible Brake Pipe - Rear
(Many thanks to Hans Nordin)
Landrover Series 2A & 3 1958 - 1980 (109" wheelbase) rear centre brake hose. Also Reliant Regal front left or right hand 1965-1973 O.E. Ref 235208,Quinton Hazell No. bfh 4370
Rear Brake Drums Triumph TR6  


Chassis & Bonnet Frame TVR David Gerald Sportscars Ltd
Bodyshell TVR David Gerald Sportscars Ltd
Body Panels TVR David Gerald Sportscars Ltd
SE Wheelarch Kits! Fitted by TVR to SE models (Special Equipment)
Exactly TVR Ltd
Paint Codes Ault & Wiborg paint manufacturer colours were the ones used to cross reference to get the correct code, the company since being sold off to Spies Heckler.

You will need to go to a paint manufacturer or specialist bodyshop to get a match for old TVR colours. In the mid 1990's I was at a bodyshop in Brackley (Colin McCrae's car was in for a respray at the time, and they had just sprayed the Golden B&H Jordan F1 cars if you remember those). They used a special paint analyser tool which used some form of radiation (possibly laser) to measure the make-up of any colour so it could be matched. You could try them as they still exist, but I know they normally worked only with business customers, & this was a long time ago.

Paintbox Developments Ltd.
Top Station Road
NN13 7UG
Tel: 01295-277227

Update Jan 2012: Now most insurance approved bodyshops have one of these devices to accurately match paint colours, give your local bodyshop a call.

Bonnet Catches Hillman Imp  
Boot Hinge (3000S) Hillman Imp  
Window Catch (3000S) Mini Mk1 & 2  

Door Hinges

Ford Anglia 105E  
Door Catches Cortina Mk2? - not 100% sure  
Front & Rear Chrome Bumpers Modified Triumph 2000/2500  
Early Front Wing Side Vent Ford Zephyr Mk4  
Sunroof Restoration/Retrimming   Exactly TVR Ltd £180.00
Glass Taimar Sunroof Tudor Webasto  
Fabric 3000m Sunroof Weathershield  
Windscreen Ford Zodiac? Heated & normal available  


Heater Matrix Ford Cortina Mk3  
Salisbury Jaguar/Aston Martin Scrapyard/Ebay Varies
TR6 Triumph TR6 Rimmer Bro's, Scrapyard/Ebay Varies


Wiring Loom TVR Autosparks
Engines & Cooling/Ancillaries
Expansion Bottle BL/Early Dolomite/Toledo  
Ford Essex V6    
Oil Filter Unipart GFE121

Halfords HOF202 or FRAM PH2857A

Halfords HOF264 or
FRAM PH5713 or

Motor Factors

Halfords/Motor Factors - This is the large original size filter

Halfords/Motor Factors - This is the "less well known" smaller diameter filter (and shorter) which although is a compromise on filtering surface area, allows fitment where the engine mount or nut for the engine mount makes contact with the filter. I have seen a major oil leak caused by a larger filter being fitted to a 3000S, where the engine mount needed a half-nut rather than full height one on the engine mount stud. This smaller filter would have been a simpler option. For even more reference material so you can source your own, the filter is listed for:

Ford KA (RB) 1.3 (1299cc) Petrol JJB 50hp from month/year 09/1996 to 10/2002

Thread Size is 3/4"UNF

Outer Diameter = 79mm approx
Length = 83mm approx



Triumph 2500cc    
Ford 1600cc    

Headlamps Triumph/BL/MG  
Rear Lamps (Early Type) Triumph TR6  
Rear Lamps (Late type)

Scimitar GTE
Aston Martin Vantage (original 70's model!)
Lotus Eclat or Elite (not sure which)


gaskets-r-us (search for seller with this name on ebay uk) sometimes sell the gaskets for these lamps £6.00 approx
Front Indicator/Sidelamps    
Early (flat) Side Repeater Triumph Dolomite/Toledo, Triumph Spitfire, Aston Martin, also used on Vixen S4  
Lamps/Markers (Orange)    
Early (flat) Side Repeater    
Lamps/Markers (Red)    

Side markers (Bullet Shape)


Export (USA) MGB and E-Type Jaguar gaskets-r-us (search for seller with this name on ebay uk) sell the gaskets for these lamps gaskets are £0.60 + postage
Front Side Light/Indicator Triumph Dolomite/Toledo, Triumph Spitfire, Aston Martin, also used on Vixen S4  
Interior Lamp    
Otter Switch (radiator fan switch)    
Courtesy Lamp Switches    
Dashboard Switches (pictures soon)    
Radiator (low wide type)



4 Speed Essex Ford Scrapyard or Ebay
4 Speed Rear Gearbox Mount Ford Capri Mk2/3 1300cc - 3000cc 1974-82, Cortina Mk3 1300cc-2000cc type 3 manual and E Auto 1970-73, Mk4 1976-82, Escort Mk2 Auto, Granada V6 1972-82, Taunus 1971-83, also possibly P100 pickup? Ford or Classic Ford supplier, Ebay

Interior Door Pull Handle Early Marina  
Interior Door Opener Handle    
Exterior Door Handle

Ford Capri/Escort Mk2, Cortina Mk3

Ford Cortina Mk2

1976 on (type you can wrap your hand around)
Winder Handle    
Winder Mechanism Modified MG by TVR  
Ash Tray MGB  
Gear Lever Gaiter Reproduction
Hand Brake Gaiter Reproduction


Steering Column Triumph TR6, early spitfire pre facelift models with old style stalks and vertically split cowling.

For later style stalks with horizontally split cowling the late type Triumph Spitfire 1500 column could fit - looks the same on the rimmer brothers catalogue
Rimmer Brothers
Steering Rack Triumph 2000  
Track Rod End Balljoints Triumph 2000 First Line FTR-4063 (from most local uk trade motor factors)
Anti Roll Bar TVR Engineering  
Anti roll Bar Link Rods Look like modified TR6  
Front Suspension    
Front Swivel Hub & Trunnion Joint Triumph TR6  
Top Balljoint Triumph TR6  
Rear Suspension    
Rear Alloy Hub Carrier TVR Engineering  
Rear Hub Triumph TR6  
Rear Wheel Bearing Triumph TR6  
Wishbone Bushes Triumph TR6  
space for more!

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