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10th September 2007

By Antonio Steinhäuser

I need a new exhaust for my 3000 Taimar.
Do you know from which car the exhaust (Resonator) come from? Or where i
can get it?

If you have a totally standard M Series exhaust, then try David Gerald Sportscars Ltd -

Non original exhausts come in many shapes & sizes, therefore the above is probably the only "standard" type available

18th October 2005

By Duncan Ross

It seems like the exhaust manifold could be from the wrong TVR model as it is laying on the frame where it joins with the exhaust, there is literaly couple of mm clearence between the manifold and the frame and as soon as you go over 2000rpm it produces some unbelievable racket and vibration as it hits the frame. It seems like someone was already trying to bend it slightly upwards previously. Is this the way it should be? (TVR 1600M)

Duncan's reply:

You are probably right its a non TVR manifold so I will have to get another one, also exhaust looks a bit dodgy to me as well as it ends as a twin one and there are no mountings on the chassis correspodning to the hang points on the exhaust.

Sounds like your exhaust manifold is for your engine, but not your TVR! They can be fairly close depending on manufacturer, but never that close. Apart from making sure the engine is in the correct position (i.e. the engine mounts are correctly fitted & in good order, then I would suggest fitting a new manifold from a reputable company like David Gerald Sportscars Ltd (see my links page).

5th August 2004

by Matt Palmer

I am looking for exhaust manifold/header gaskets for a 3 litre Essex Ford V6. I need just the driver side but would take a whole set. Everywhere I have looked has the gaskets for the 2.8 L engine found on the Ford Capri. No luck so far for the 3L. Any info with where I can find these or an alterative would be very helpful.

Matt later replied:

Thanks for the info. Burtonpower had them and shipped them immediately. Again thanks for steering me in the right direction.

Try Burton Power -
They keep gaskets in stock & I'm sure you'll find some there.