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26th June 2007

By Wim Boon

I am not sure that the right type of oil filter is fitted on my TVR 3000M
from 1977 (chassis nr. 4116). It is an oil filter with the name: Savara
(made in Italy) 9.28.311.00.

Perhaps you can tell me which type of oil filter is normally used.

The oil filter is Unipart Reference GFE121. Cross reference this at your local supplier to see what comes up. Sorry I can't find your particular oil listed to cross reference from my info.

If you need further cross reference data please let me know and I will find out from my local supplier.

28th April 2003

by Aiden McConnon

Where are the grease points and at what interval should this be carried out?

The grease points are (ones that a grease gun fits onto a nipple):

  • Top balljoint for both front hubs - you'll need to remove the wheel to get to this
  • Front trunnions (swivel hub)
  • Next ones are on the handbrake cables midway between the hub and the point where the cable goes through the chassis
  • The half-shaft inner & outer universal joint spiders may have grease points if you're lucky to have good ones fitted
  • Also the propshaft (not originally but if aftermarket spiders fitted)
    Steering column bush on chassis (not original but can be found as a modification)
  • Steering rack tensioner nut

Grease points where no grease nipple is fitted:

  • All suspension bush bolts (to prevent seizure of bolt in bush sleeve)
  • Rear hub stud bushes (prevents seizure of stud in bush sleeve)
  • Clutch cable both ends (and use a cable oiler to get oil right down the length inside with WD40 or similar)
  • Door hinges (use a spray grease for these - white grease is a popular type)
  • Door locks (use spray oil eg WD40)
  • Bonnet hinges
  • Wheel studs and disc flange/drum surface that contacts with wheel (use copper grease)

That is a good start - I will be shortly placing a servicing section in the technical library.