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Important note to buyers and sellers:
Due to a recent incident experienced by a user of this website, buyers please be extra careful when responding to adverts on this or any other website.
Scams do sometimes exist where a seller may falsely advertise a rare item to get your attention.
Usually something will seem strange with the sale - e.g. the scam seller may try to negotiate over the phone an agreed price, even before you have viewed the item for sale.
If you fall for this and turn up with the cash, it may be a ploy to steal the money from you upon arrival.
Always view before buying, and never view in a secluded spot, lay-by, or a place that is not a proper address viewable from Google Maps/Streetview or similar.
Always tell someone where you intend to go, or even safer take someone with you.
Equally sellers beware of buyers who wish to meet you in a strange place with cash "ready" to pay you - it may be a ply to steal the item you are selling.
Make sure the Vehicle has a valid V5C document (log book), that the name & address match those of the seller (unless sold by a Trader), and soon all of these will be the new red version (by November 2012).




I'm looking for a Ford Essex 3.0 V6 oil sump pan (identical to the photos below)


If you have one of these, please email me here

Advert placed 6th September 2011




For my TVR 3000M :

I want buy :
- Right and left front wheel arch
- The two seats
- Bumper rubber Right and left or the four Bumper chrome.

Contact: Jean-Paul here

Advert placed 1st April 2011


Information required:
Please e-mail me if you have any knowledge of an air conditioning system that fits onto a Ford 3 litre V6 Essex engine. I need to know if it was factory fitted, and what model car it came off. Aftermarket A/C product info. would be useful if you've fitted it to your V6 Essex. Many thanks - email:


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