TVR 3000M Ford V6 Essex & Classic TVR Technical Info

Welcome to the new website! Still very much in its early stages. 

To get things started, the site has been redesigned completely to cater for modern browsers, smart phones, tablets etc. There will be some teething troubles as I get used to the new code but hopefully navigation problems will be a thing of the past. Thank you for your patience during the change over.
Modern browsers need modern code. Here is the new site.
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Plans for the future - Autumn/Winter 2019 - Small batch parts production Possibilty for M Series Cars / V6 Essex Engines - See below

Parts Design & Build

From concept to production, new parts can be designed & produced using modern technology, previously out of reach. Old & worn out spare parts can be re-made and keep these classics on the road.

Online Information into the future

The aim is to provide information

The idea of this website is to collate & publish as much information on the V6 Essex Engine & TVR 3000M, 2500M & 1600M as possible. Now we're well into the 21st Century, many owners of these engines & cars will not have been around "back in the day" when they were in production. Modernisation to some degree has created some excellent innovations & improved safety for classic car owners, however many parts are now difficult to obtain, prices have risen, and electric vehicles are soon to be the norm.

Watch this spaceMore work underway with complete website
Thanks for looking, this is just a taster of the new website.


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