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Welcome to M-Fix, Est. 1995                       

News update on 30th April 2020

Lockdown edition....

You can now view the new website progress here - please be patient!

PARTS DEVELOPMENT NEWS! - I'm hoping to start up a design/build/production for obsolete parts later this year, this has been progressing behind the scenes but I'm hoping to start to provide a source of some very useful M Series parts in the not too distant future.

Older news

Website is being redesigned - mainly due to HTML5 etc being incompatible with the old site. I am adding all the old members area pages to this site (ie. no more membership area) as things have changed so much & the internet is full of how-to stuff on youtube etc. I will be starting a much needed parts area with the intention of opening an online store for parts in autumn/fall or winter 2019/20. Still early stages with that but I'm looking along the lines of small production runs using both traditional production methods and modern technology. If you have any ideas for this please send in a survey form! Thank you - and thanks for the supporting this site!

Taimar Tailgate wanted - new or used condition please contact me & I will pass your details on to the owner. See menu - About - Contact to email.

Here's another useful link for Weber DCNF Triple Carb Kits (including inlet manifold). Thank you Bernd Bamberg once again!

Older news

The end of the long summer's approaching. Latest news is that the website will get some extra pages very soon, I'm getting round to opening up all the old members area to the main site. This has been closed for a long while to members as the way the internet works has changed so much from the early days. This means a lot more content here for all M series owners, as well as all the V6 Essex engined cars. Feel free to drop me a line if you wish to see anything you can't find in the current articles.

Feb 2018

New wanted ad:

I have a 1972 TVR 2500 Vixen bodied M - am looking for a refurbished TR6 engine that I can tune up to 1160/170 hp + probably heater matrix and a few other things"

If anyone can help, please email here:

Dec 2017

Best wishes to all you TVR owners out there. I've got nothing TVR related for viewing but here's a video from Burlen Fuel Systems (SU Carburettors ) which is pretty cool:

SU Merry Christmas Video


Nov 2017

Thanks to Bernd Bamberg for the following useful TVR related items:

TVR Car Heater Matrix (Later - non M series Models)

3000M Heater Matrix & other models:

3000M Bottom Hose pump to radiator in black silicone - much needed!!

38DGAS Weber carburettors, brand new from fastroadcar

Sept 2017

New car lift - made in USA and now available from Holden Vintage -

This is a late posting, but recently had info of a new ignition lock for M series card to chassis number 4303FM.
Click on image for further details & thank you Bernd Bamberg for this useful new product.

Getting ready for a new season....and a new era

At the moment, it seems rare classic car prices are soaring due to the financial slump, combined with uncertainty in the future of interest rates, the 'B' word, and some interesting (if not always predictable) changes in the world order. The media seems to be fuelling this trend even further. I wonder how many of you have decided to hang on to an old classic that you would have otherwise sold, simply as it's a better investment? Or whether keeping the car has nothing to do with being financially savvy, and is more to do with sentiment or just the love of everything pre ECU or earlier.
Many 80's & 90's cars are fast becoming the new 'useable' investment, providing an appreciating asset, but at the same time allowing the owner to have a bit of fun along the way. We are fast becoming blase to the changes around us, and if you've been lucky enough to have a a ride in an electric car recently, you might start wondering what's going to be next. A family saloon that does 0-60 in under 4 seconds, without anything but tyre noise? Faster than many exotic sports cars, and supposedly safer at the same time. Perhaps not my cup of tea, but it's going to be hard to ignore the performance available once prices come down to a level that the average person can afford.

Who knows what the future will bring, but technology is moving things further, faster, but farther from the days of the home mechanic. I just hope that somewhere along the way there will be something that can bring back some real fun & enjoyment from owning a car, instead of simply providing us with a means to get from A to B in the fastest & safest way. Insulated spanners & 400 Volts, that's not going to be something you can tune up without a few years training!

Sept 2016

It's been a great summer this year for taking the car out this year (in the UK at least). Website work still yet to be more than the odd update here & there, but it's not going to stay like that forever. I have some exciting new projects coming up and hope to divulge more in the coming weeks.

Thanks as always to those of you who use my website for info, and also thanks to those who contact me wherever you may be! It's amazing to know that the oldest TVRs are still being driven all round the world.

Hope you had a good weekend - great driving weather! I've put a couple of new parts for sale in the M-Fix store -for 2500M owners. Please keep your survey forms coming in as I'm working on a few ideas for building up a stock of parts for the M Series cars.

Interesting new website for TVR - includes news on the new car & factory

Hope you had a good Easter. Now the weather will (hopefully) start to improve, the first news is that there's a good 2500M for sale. NOW SOLD - NOW SOLD - NOW SOLD

Jan 2016

Just added the cooling overview & air conditioning page. These have been missing for some time.

I am (still) working on a new design for the website. Thanks for all your support this year (2015), and also for the submitted survey forms which allow me to fine tune my plans for the website & hopefully some new parts etc in 2016.

Technical Questions section will return soon - working on menu system for members area.

Woolies Trim - Specialist Tools

Useful tools from one of the last existing trim companies. Especially useful are the hog ring pliers for seat upholstering. These are still being used on modern cars today! Woolies Trim


Sad to say Autumn is creeping up on us this month (already), and to be safe at night in your TVR a new windscreen is one way of making your vision clearer.

Uroglas can supply tinted, heated windscreens for the TVR M series (also fits pre M series cars).

Heating is by a fine wire system embedded between the glass layers (similar to that in a Ford Mondeo). The tech.spec. is 12v, 14amps, 168watts.

Comes with cable connections for live and earth. Requires a relay (preferably with timer available from Ford for Mondeo/Focus heated screens) and a switch (push-button, reset type if using a timer relay).

These screens are available off the shelf @ 246.00 + VAT + shipping (shipping is 65 + VAT to most parts of mainland UK). Worldwide shipping not a problem.

Anyone interested in purchasing a heated windscreen should contact Uroglas via email or by telephone +44 (0) 1527 577 477. (Please mention you saw the advert on the M-Fix website)

Unheated also available
We can also supply unheated screens. These are made to order with around a five week lead time. Clear laminated glass is 189 + VAT, green tint is 192 + VAT and clear or green with a blue top shade band are 198 + VAT. Shipping is as for the heated windscreen.

Uroglas Ltd
2 Buntsford Hill Business Park
Buntsford Park Road
B60 3DX

Tel:+44 (0) 1527 577 477

Older Posts:

New reproduction Weber DCNF Air Intakes
As a Webcon Dealer, they are now selling reproduction weber intake stacks for the 40 & 42 DCNF Weber Carbs. I've just bought a set, so here's a better view for anyone who's after a set for their Essex (or Ferrari)!

40/42 DCNF Stack 40/42 DCNF Stack End View40/42 DCNF Stack End View

Newer versions of the DCNF come with a built in style of intake on the carb top, (I have this type). M
illing these new style intakes off and fitting the older style intake stack ought to improve the airflow, especially on cars with limited clearance between the carbs and the bonnet (the 3000M/S for starters). The newer (built in) intakes appear to be lacking a good rounded end, so these stacks are a welcome return. The part number is 52848.001. Availability - good.

Rimmer Brothers 10% Discount - on orders over 50 + VAT - on all Triumph Parts until Midnight on Sunday 9th August.

Old Tyres

In more recent years, I've noticed that tyres deteriorate much faster than those from previous decades. Many classics I come across have tyres from the 80's, or even before. It's amazing they're still being used, without any signs of perishing sidewalls or cracks between the treads. It's questionable if these should still be used for the obvious reason of safety, but I come across tyres from newer vehicles which seem to perish badly after only 4 or 5 years. The compounds may have changed - that's one possible reason, but also perhaps quality has been compromised in some instances. It would be good to hear from any of you with the classic TVRs, with any tips on good brands/models of tyres for the original rims which you feel have the best grip, and are of better quality. Equally, if you have any bad experience of tyre, let me know how/why it is less than excellent. Feel free to drop me a line - email m-fix

Valve seat regression....

If any of you have older TVRs with V6 Essex or Cologne engines, it's worth knowing if your car has had hardened valve seats fitted. I looked at a Cobra kit car a while back with a V6 Cologne, that ran fairly well until the engine warmed up. It would then stall, and feel like it was starved of petrol. After some basic checks, I found all the valve/rocker clearances were way too tight. After adjusting to the correct clearance, the car ran well and didn't stall when hot. The owner had bought the car without knowing about this. I came across the same again last year on a V6 Essex. Valve seat wear was so bad that the valve faces were lower than the head surface!

Rimmer Brothers have a 10% discount offer on Triumph parts at the moment, any order over 50 (excl. VAT) qualifies, until midnight on 12th July 2015. Enter code UK1415W ;o)

Site Blog:
2500M For Sale in Ontario, Canada - SOLD

Check out some new items at Woolies Trim

Find them and other useful restoration companies at this weekend's National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh, Warwicksire (May 3rd & 4th)

Winter Driving in your M Series or Taimar TVR....anyone have any pics? If so email them in for inclusion in a new Gallery section.

Site changes planned for 2015 - more news over the weekend.

Rimmer Brothers have a 16.67% discount on Triumph & Rover SD1 parts until 19th January 2015 - have a look here:

Don't forget to click on the Sale Banner to get the discount!

1st Jan 2015 - Happy New Year!

Please note: The members area is offline for time being

Thanks for your continued support through the last few months, even though the site has more or less frozen up! Work pressure has slowed down the upkeep of this site, but hopefully this will be changing shortly. Please don't try to join the members area until I have fully updated the navigation system - I will post news about this once complete.

Nice standard 3000M for sale on eBay uk this week here
RSS feed problem, and site navigation work underway

I hope to get some exhaust development work done this summer - more about this to follow.

New article on cylinder head stripdown also to follow...including conversion to unleaded.

13th December 2013 - TVR 3000M breaking for spares, on ebay - look here

20th November 2013 - Winter is on our doorstep:


Batteries (until Friday 22nd Nov) - Savings up to 50% on high street prices. If you need a car battery in time for winter for your TVR or any other make, drop me a line here, with your car's reg and if possible your battery type e.g. 030, 031, 063, 096 etc (written on the battery). I can get back to you with a price...of course postage could present a problem but if you are passing Banbury, Oxon. I can arrange a place where you can collect. Payment can be made by debit card over the phone or by Paypal. Collection point info will be provided for business hours collection.

Antifreeze - Blue Coolant for your TVR - 5L and 20L drums available.

Offer is for today only - WEDNESDAY 20TH NOVEMBER:

5L Bottles - 12.00 inclusive

20L Drums - 45.00 inclusive

16th November 2013 - NEW!! CSS menu now in operation. Wave goodbye to the Java plugin problems that have made this site more & more tricky to view recently. I'm still working on some new pages, other ideas so please bear with me.

5th September 2013 - Site menu update underway. The Java menu above is becoming difficult to maintain due to the way new browsers work, and Java settings also tend to blank it out unless the user reduces Java security. The only option is to add a CSS menu system instead which I'm currently working on.

23rd June 2012 - 2500M for Sale in Virginia, USA - click here

22nd June 2013 - At last a rear hub removal tool is available for the TR6. As you may know these are one of the most difficult hubs to dismantle due to the taper angle of the stub axle. SC parts are the supplier - just be warned that their email marketing is pretty annoying and they don't respond to unsubscribe requests. I get endless emails from them so I suggest you are careful what email address you submit to them - click here

17th June 2013 - Are your carb spindles straight?

Balancing carbs has been a common job for me this year, and I'm seeing quite a few cases (on twin port carbs like Weber DCOE, DCNF, plus TR6 Injection throttle bodies) where the spindle has been bent. This may not seem important, but any mis-alignment of the butterflies as a pair results in incorrect airflow where it matters - at idle and part throttle. Even though the carb models mentioned have air bypass screw to allow for the slight differences you'll find on most if not all carbs, any more than a slight difference can mean the transition holes are not being uncovered at the same time, causing poor running at lower speeds & idle. The 38DGAS has gears to join the twin spindles, so doesn't quite suffer the same as the combined spindle models. The cause of a bent spindle can be a) no throttle pedal stop, causing excessive force b) loose butterfly causing it to jam in the carb/throttle body throat c) incorrect assembly procedure d) foreign object (or screwdriver used to hold open carb - seriously I've seen people in garages do this instead of lock the linkage carefully)! If you have any problems getting smooth running, get yourself a synchrometer & check out those spindles!

The Great British.....Summer?

16th June 2013 - The bad winter & spring has left many of us with cars in garages here in the UK. Classic car owners are finally getting their cars out for shows & weekend use, but the rain is back again for mid-June!

I've recently been in contact with Uroglas during my day-to-day work on classics - they have provided some updated information regarding their TVR M Series heated & non heated windscreens which may be of interest:

M Series Heated Windscreen = 239.00 +VAT
M Series Windscreen (Clear) =168.00 +VAT
""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (Green Tinted) = 179.00 +VAT
""""""""""""""""""""""""""""(Shade Band) = 187.00 +VAT

UK Shipping is 60.00 + VAT

Rear screens at present are not available.

Please contact Uroglas if you require any of the above here:

12th November 2012 - It's been a while! Speedo repair now available for the Chimaera mileometer sticking fault. This applies to models fitted with the Caerbont Speedo with the mechanical mileometer. So far one happy customer - please drop me a line if you have such a fault & wish to get it sorted. For prices please see here

7th August 2012 - Chimaera Speedo Testing. I'm working on one at the moment - anyone needing some advice on testing the speed sensor please feel free to contact me by email, have spent a while on this and know how it all works so you can work out what has failed. Working on the later type that picks up the speed from the o/s diff joint (2 wire type), have also worked on the S series older transducers (SD1 Rover type) and also speedo's.

10th July 2012 - Links pages updated, a couple of new ads, parts source list brake master cylinder info added (many thanks to Jonathan Morris)

25th June 2012 -
A few additions coming to the website shortly, updates have not been frequent this year due to my workload.

March 28th 2012 -
T-Slot wheel restoration - New section (in non members area) contributed by Andrew Gray - many thanks to you!
Click here to see the article.

March 13th 2012 - Parts for Sale - New advert for an unused WEBER 40DFi-5 rebuild kit - click here

March 2nd 2012 - Links updated -
The links page had a few dead links, these have been amended where possible, or deleted where a website no longer exists, or was a fake forum site for advertising purposes (sneaky webmasters...can you believe it!)

March 1st - Electronic Ignition info -
More recently, a few new sources of electronic ignition have been appearing at buget prices. For years the main options available were the Lumenition & Aldon Ignitor kits. Both are very well made, reliable, fairly easy to fit, but prices are higher than the new Accuspark kit as seen on ebay. How does the Accuspark compare? I have recently fitted a couple of these kits (Aldon Ignitor & Accuspark)to customers' cars, and my findings will appear in the ignition section this month.

March 1st -
I've finally done a little work updating the parts source list. First to appear is oil filter info - smaller diameter filter is now listed for those Essex engine owners that have trouble with the engine mount proximity!

February 29th - 390SE Wedge for sale
- check here

February 15th
- Conversion kit to adapt standard V6 Essex Manifold to Single Point Fuel Injection - last item remaining - USA Ebay auction, click here

January 26th 2012 - Rover V8 carb conversion now available, allows quadruple 45 DCOE's to be fitted (complete with inlet manifold...all parts are new!) click here:

January 8th 2012 - Welcome to all new members who joined over the Christmas Holidays!

January 3rd 2012 -
parts source list amended, trade tips amended

December 31st 2011 - Discount codes for Rimmer Brothers Triumph Parts
- good for many of the classic TVR parts (these codes also work with Rover SD1 Parts for any Wedge owners out there):

Quote the following codes when ordering online: UK0112W

or use this one for email/phone/fax orders: UK0112D

Please note this may not work for orders placed for despatch outside the UK, I haven't checked this. Discount is the equivalent of paying no VAT which is of course currently 20%! The only stipulation is that the order value must be over 50.00 GBP. Offer valid from 3rd Jan to 22nd Jan inclusive 2012. Click here to go to the Rimmer Brothers website

December 15th 2011 - SCAM Alert! When placing an advert on this website (or any other) please consider what contact details you wish to be displayed. This is due to a recent advert placed by a TVR owner in the wanted section which attracted the attention of a hoax seller. In this case the motive was probably to somehow extract cash from the buyer without any part existing. If you leave your email address, please be aware that this may be used by a malicious person (or harvesting software) which meay lead to some sort of scam. If you leave your phone number instead, you may find it easier to judge if a caller is genuine. Either way, remember that your contact details are in the public domain. Classic TVR parts are sometimes very scarce, and as such may attract clever fraudsters who know people are looking for rare items.

November 9th 2011 - WANTED - boot lid for 1979 TVR 3000S any condition with boot catch if possible. See full setails here.

November 7th 2011 - WANTED!! - Any technical documentation, especially relating valve clearance info for Vulcan Engineering's Camshaft
model VF 106 A

If you have any useful information please send it here

Oct 26th 2011 - TVR S1, S2, S3 & S4 including V8S Series steering racks come in two styles - 1) with removable inner track rod balljoints (complete with track rod), and 2) with adjustable track rod inner joints. I recently had to adjust one of these and have managed to get my hands on a very limited supply of engineers' tapered steel pins which allow the adjustment and re-drilling/staking of the adjustable collars and save you a fortune sending your rack to a specialist. Please see the Marketplace tab at the top of the page, then select M Series Store. Otherwise just click HERE

Sept 27th 2011 - Members area payment button was not working due to a Paypal technical change. Membership application now up & running again. Click here to apply for 1 month's access

Sept 19th 2011 - New Technical Questions have been added

Sept 6th 2011 - Wanted advert placed for a V6 Essex Sump - does anyone have one for this owner? Click Here

Aug 14th 2011: 2500 For Sale - click here for more info

Jul 16 2011: Fuel Prices & LPG Conversions - I'm wondering how long it will be until classic TVRs will be forced to use LPG just to stay on the UK roads. People who see the old 3000M when I'm out ask if it's an LPG car - simply as they can see the cylindrical fuel tank through the rear window. I really need to make a crash cage for it and then cover it as it is getting a bit boring to get asked all the time. It does however make more sense to think about these days as fuel has recently been as high as 1.49 GBP per Litre ($9.73 USD per gallon) in this neck of the woods, and even higher elsewhere or at Motorway service stations.

I have another gas guzzling vehicle, and recently did a check on the fuel consumption as it's too old to have an MPG gauge on the dash. Here are my workings:

300 Miles used approx 71.50 (115.19) fuel which equates to 25.38mpg

If I converted to LPG, with 20% loss in fuel economy then:

300 Miles would use approx 49.14 ($79.17) LPG = 31.28% cost saving

The cost of such a conversion on that vehicle would be approx 1200, or 600 for me to do myself plus 300 to get it checked & approved before use. Therefore per 300 miles with a saving of approx 22 (or 13 miles for every 1 saved), then I would need to drive 15600 before the conversion is worthwhile, or 11700 miles if I convert the engine. That is just about a year's driving, so well worth the cost if keeping the vehicle for a few years.

Doing this to an old V6 Essex engine would be possible I'm sure, but would prefer to have the LPG tank fully sealed and not inside the car. It all depends on the price of LPG though, as if more people keep changing over to it, the price will creep up for sure. Another issue would be that for track day use (as many owners would like to do), the fuel tank as a backup would need to be large enough to allow petrol to be the track day fuel. Then comes the question of whether the marshals would allow an LPG car on the race track (a Health and Safety issue no doubt).

The 3000M in its current state of tune does approx 18mpg - well worth considering an alternative for economy runs at least.


Jul 16 2011: Wasted Time when ordering online - When car parts are supplied incorrectly or not on the day expected it can be the most frustrating thing. Having worked in a couple of parts departments in the past then certain problems can arise from lack of staff experience, lack of interest, low wages, heavy workload from both retail & trade customers, as well as from other departments within the car dealership. Needless to say sometimes the customer can't explain the part they require or misunderstand the fault they have with their car.

In my business I order parts both locally and online, to meet my customers' needs. I can say that pretty often a part can be supplied incorrectly, even when the invoice shows the correct item if the part is picked incorrectly. Local purchases are easier to return as you don't have to pack & post the parts back. This brings me to the question - how do I buy my car parts? Cost is obviously a large factor - but this has to be weighed against availability, time to receive, what if the part is supplied incorrectly? Sometimes it is better to pay more for a part you can source locally, as you save a day, and save money in the long-run if the part comes wrong or damaged. Another interesting fact is that sometimes buying a group of parts can be cheaper than individual parts. Last week I needed a track rod end for an old 90's BMW. These have 2 track rod ends on each side, plus a track rod that joins them. I needed to replace just one joint - which was 9+VAT, however the whole assembly was seized solid, so I went back to replace the part with the whole thing which came to 21. It saved a load of work & meant the tracking (on that side) could be adjusted with ease.

In more recent years, many dealerships who own a chain of garages (in the UK) have decided to create a "parts only" operation where they have a business dedicated just to selling parts, sometimes for more than one manufacturer. One such company is TPS (part of the Listers group) who sell Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda parts and they cover 95% of the UK. Parts are the same price unless you're in the trade (like myself), but they are staffed well and stock is high - meaning parts may be available off the shelf.

I'm not plugging any parts suppliers, but just wanted to make you aware that things are slowly changing for the better when it comes to buying parts for your car. The motor trade has a poor reputation in this area, largely due to the parts dept. profits (usually) being the lowest for any high street garage when compared to the service & sales dept's.

This leads me on to TVR parts - and the benefit of owning a car which has parts taken from the most popular vehicles of the period. Most of the engine parts are available from the usual major classic suppliers such as Rimmer Brothers for the Triumph & Rover Bits, Moss Europe, Burton Power for the Ford parts and so on. Unfortunately some parts for the 70's cars are not easy to find now, and Ebay may well be the first & last place you find rarer bits. Ebay is a great source of reference too - sometimes a photo of a part is all you need to see to make sure you are buying the correct item elsewhere. Part numbers can also help if you have them - google shows up many obsolete parts but at least allows measurements to be gleaned from original plans. Eventually many parts will become unavailable and production runs for a limited number of units will be the only way forward. This is already happening with TVR windscreens (albeit for heated versions), but also for the TVR S front indicators (old Freight Rover Sherpa parts). Private individuals get involved in this and you can find a lot of chat on this subject if you visit Pistonheads.

July 15 2011: Brake Bleeding
- As a mobile mechanic I have many different types of work to do and sometimes find problems with cars caused by bad previous repairs. The latest one made me laugh, but also proves the danger of mixing up parts before refitting. I needed to replace the front flexible brake hoses on an old Jaguar plus a caliper piston seal that was leaking due to old age. I replaced the caliper seal and brake hose on one side, refitted it, then did the other. Bled the brakes (even replaced the bleed screws to ensure they will not seize up) - job done...or so I thought. I noticed that the bleed screws were at the bottom of the caliper piston rather than the top, however as the fluid bled ok I proceeded to road test the car. Each time I braked, the pedal almost hit the floor! A couple of pumps and the pedal worked again but any emergency stop would have been impossible. I returned and removed one caliper so the bleed screw was vertical, stuck a block of wood in between the pads, then opened the bleed screw with a clear bleed pipe attached. Air instantly flowed into the pipe for a good 15-20 seconds, therefore proving the calipers were the wrong way round. I swapped them over & re-bled the system - all then worked correctly. The owner said the brakes had been removed for caliper work 4 years before, but I'm not sure why the garage swapped them over - almost certainly a mix up, but they did manage to bleed the brakes so they may have known about this at the time. Even pressure bleeding the calipers in the upside down position didn't bleed out the air as I tried this just out of curiosity.

High Spec Essex V6 engine for sale - click here

Unusual ebay sale - a complete set of triple Weber DCNF carbs plus almost all accessories needed to install on a V6 Essex! Click Here

Rare high quality TVR Vixen for Sale in the USA - look in marketplace

New paint restoration product available in the Store - click here for details

Members area is now back online. Gone is the automatic payment system (for now) as that was outdated and was causing more trouble than it was worth. Each member using the payment button will receive an email with username/password details to access the members area. I do this manually at the moment so please allow up to 24 hours or so to be allowed access. Anyone wanting access to the area can now pay via paypal by clicking on the payment button here

Here is the long awaited NEW TR6 Rear Hub assembly now being stocked by Rimmer Brothers here in the UK. It is indeed completely new which should come as a relief to many owners, as the stub axle is easily bent when attempts are made to remove the hub flange without a special tool. Even a 40 ton press sometimes fails to press the flange out due to flexing of the flange on the tapered stub axle. I bought this to replace the bent stub axle on the 3000M as the ones that are given as an exchange item are frequently out of true. Note this doesn't come with the wheel studs so they need to be purchased separately. The other good thing about having a new one is the U/J yoke is going to be a nice tight fit - replacing the worn original which was loose with the bearing casings spinning causing further wear. Article on fitting this to appear in the members area as soon as it's up & running.

Brand New Rear Hub Assemblies now available from Rimmer Brothers, finally in stock - check here . I've just ordered and received one of these, and it is a simple job of replacing with the original. No more wobbles on the back wheel (due to a bent stub axle)!

1st April - Server problem still ongoing. However I have put a couple of new adverts on the Marketplace pages - a 3000s for sale, plus a new parts wanted advert.

Update March 22nd 2011 - Server work has been continuing, hope to have some news on the modem tomorrow (I am disappointed at the low level of support from certain world leading manufacturers, and the quality of their firmware). I find it incredible that two modern routers and one modem purchased all have problems with their software or glitches that make easy networking a monumental task. Think I'm getting somewhere now but so far have spent over 500 GBP to sort this problem!

Update March 9th 2011 - Hardware compatibility problems are causing some trouble at present. I have spent at least 30 hours in the last week setting the new server up but am waiting for a manufacturer to provide either new modem firmware or replacement unit. Apologies for this unforseen problem but the new server will be worth it I promise! Membership will be extended to those who have paid - refunds can be made if anyone wishes, just email me on the contact button above.

Work is underway on the web server, so it will be offline from 6pm GMT 20th Jan until the weekend if not sooner. Members will have extended memberships due to this, apologies for this unforseen event. Update on 26th Jan - looks like a replacement server is necessary as is 12 years old now. New one on the way but may take a while to get this up & running so working on a temporary server. Update on 5th March - Web server working but need another modem, members area will be back up very soon now.

Update today (20th Jan 2011) -
I have finally bought a decent scanner, so am working on re-scanning all the old paper photos from the 1990's restoration. I don't have many extra photos but will add them anyhow as anything new is better for reference! I've just done the sunroof page - take a look as the pics are so much clearer now.

MOT's for Classics in Oxford, UK

If you're looking for a friendly garage to MOT your classic TVR (or any other car for that matter), I can recommend T&T Motor Services in Oxford. With years of experience they are more familiar with classic cars than many fast fit testing stations, some of whom may fail an item that they are unfamiliar with.

T&T's website is here:

Members area Essex V6 Manifold Info added.

Just been looking at rear disc brake conversions for the TR6 running gear for someone asking if it can be done on a Taimar. Found this useful link:

Over the last few weeks of cold weather I've come across quite a few engines where the thermostat has either stuck open, or is opening too soon therefore meaning the engine can't heat up fully. The latest was today on a modern car with a diagnostic computer check showing at 81C the thermostat opened, then the temp dropped to 79C, then the thermostat closed, temp then rose to 81C and continued in these cycle. This is of course easy to spot on a modern car with technology to support the symptoms, however on old vehicles this is not as easy unless you're prepared to wire up a digital temp gauge as a test tool. What seems to be (these days) a rare fault, it is unusual for me to see so many thermostats fail during the last few weeks. This brings me to the assumption that the cold weather allows faults with thermostats to be made more noticeable, simply as the heater inside the vehicle seems to take ages to get warm. It may also be possible (although I've no way of proving this yet) that prolonged periods of cold which have not been seen for many years (at least here in the UK) may have some effect on the thermostat's reliability. All vehicles tested had a good antifreeze mix incidentally so ice was not a factor. So....if your car or car seems to be taking a lot longer to warm up, the best way to check the thermostat is to touch the radiator after 2 or 3 minutes running, and before the temp gauge reaches the normal position. If the radiator warms up across its width, then the thermostat is most likely opening too early (or is stuck even partially open). It's a cheap part to replace and will benefit the fuel economy and your driving comfort. Just be aware that the fan & auxiliary belts are usually close to the radiator so be careful ;op

Carbs now matched, just making new gaskets so will be road testing before Christmas.

Carb work is continuing during the very cold weather - loads added to the Weber 40 DCNF tuning section which may help others with twisted throttle spindles when carb balancing is required. Latest work will see the result of altering the carb butterflies to make a matched pair in each carb. See members area for findings.

As the winter is drawing in I've decided to offer a carb rebuild service for TVR owners (and any other carbs for that matter). I'm trying to reduce my time on the road as a mobile auto technician and get more into internet services which I am hoping will expand over the next few months. If you have a carb that needs rebuilding, please feel free to contact me for further info. A page dedicated to this will appear on this website very shortly.

Winter is coming - will it be another cold one? This year I've decided to invite all TVR owners to send in their best winter TVR photo. The gallery will be opened today, so please feel free to send in your photo. I will resize to allow viewing on the same scale for each photo on the webpage, photos in jpeg format if possible please. You can also add a caption if you like for a bit more fun!

At last I have found time to get the 3000m's Wilwood Vented Brake conversion working to a good standard. The problem was getting the brake pedal to be high enough due to the 4 pot calipers needing a larger displacement of brake fluid compared with the old TR6 2 pot calipers. I am just preparing the write up & it will be posted into the members area shortly, photos to follow in a couple of days.

TVR Track Day Castle Combe 24th September 2010 - Another year's gone by - and the 3000M still isn't finished (yet). However, this time I took my HD Camera so check out the videos on the M-Fix YouTube page. No classic TVRs were on the track but it was still good with some quick cars -

Wolfrace Slot Wheels to be remanufactured - IMPORTANT FOR CLASSIC TVR OWNERS - you have to vote to get them made as they are giving people a choice of 3 but only the one with the highest votes will be manufactured. Check out the page here -

I've found a useful website for M Series Shock Absorbers, Brake Pads, Discs & Hoses - check here

I've managed to update the website today and change the menu page to white at last. I've also added some interesting information regarding 3.4 Litre Essex engines from South Africa (see here), plus some other info. regarding a carburettor problem which may be overlooked (here).

MOSS Europe are now selling new rear hub units for the TR6 - at last you can replace the whole item including flange, stub axle & wheel bearing without trying to dismantle the old one. Many reconditioned hubs are not 100% true as I found out when I bought one a few years ago. Look here:

Members area is currently NOW ONLINE - see below:

Finally the members area server is now on after a few changes. At present the site remains as before until I can get time to change things around to make it easier to navigate and have a better appearance. All current members will have their memberships extended as an apology for the length of time the server was offline.

The server power supply exploded as I turned the system back on today - seems that it didn't like being off for 10 days. I now need a new server as it's 11 years old now and has lasted well (was on its 3rd power supply). I'm now looking into a new server system which will allow faster access and more storage, plus up to date software which has been a bit of an issue over the last couple of years for me to contend with. Members will be given extra membership time to cover this -- again please accept my apologies. A further update on the situation will appear on this page as soon as I know more.

Brake caliper conversion is now finished, photos being compiled for a new section. The brake pedal travel is as expected a lot longer, so the master cylinder will have to be replaced with a suitable alternative. I'm looking into this right away & will get modding. Once complete I can reveal the info. To make this an easy change for anyone out there with the same problem.

Started the brake conversion today (29th April 2010) -about time! All went well apart from the weather. Lucky that I have the necessary flaring tools etc to manufacture any pipe shape I need - combined with some Euroquip fittings it's making the upgrade a breeze. Also as a bonus, the Wilwood calipers fit inside the standard T Slot 14" Alloy Wheel with a few mm to spare, so that has saved a snowball effect in terms of cost. Photos not yet published but a full step by step fitting guide will follow once the job is finished. Next will be testing and possibly a master cylinder replacement to allow for further pedal travel which won't be a surprise as there may be more fluid displacement.

I've just received an email from someone selling a few new crated Ford V6 Essex 3.4L engines, as seen on ebay a while back. Have a look here for more details.

A bit of trivia for Easter...I just by chance saw the "Under Pressure" Queen/David Bowie video from the early 1980's. About 28 seconds into the video there's a V6 Essex Engine that explodes...noticed it by the sump shape as it flies through the air! Rewind and pause with Sky+ and it's definitely this engine. An abstract Blog maybe, but I wonder why on earth the engine was blown up - whether it was done for the music video, or whether it was old footage from some other test?? Take a look here:

Router problem sorted, just needed an hour of my undivided attention! All active members have an extended membership as promised to cover the time lost. I have also added all the technical questions that have been piling up since last December.

I'm just installing a new router, so apologies for members - website is still down due to technical changes required. It seems all routers are different and each one has its quirks! Members will get extra time added to the end of their memberships for this. I have also added a couple of videos to the M-Fix YouTube Channel (see below). Much more to follow, those were just a couple I could get done while checking out the new brake kit I will be fitting.

Interesting website now in my links page - South West Sports Cars specialise in TVR hire in the south west - see

As mentioned in previous blog (below), work now commencing. I have an HD camera at last, so finally you'll get to see some proper M Series TVR footage, maintenance & video articles that have taken almost a decade to appear. I'm just thankful technology has caught up with the internet at last! I hope to get the YouTube channel up & running with the first HD video or two in the next week

I'm finally getting some more work started on the car - so to follow once completed will be a step-by-step guide to modifying the front brakes. This will be a conversion to modern performance 4 pot alloy calipers & vented discs. I am also hoping to publish video footage of this mod. and all further published work will be viewable in video to keep up with modern times. Dashboard refit to follow the brake mods.

The cold weather is still with us, but I have made sure I get a day working on the 3000M next week. Will try my best to update the site with some new photos. I have promised some more photos of the window winder mechanism. Any more requests for photos showing particular detail are welcome ;o)

1600M for restoration up for sale this week - see Marketplace section. Also the snow has caused the updates to this site to be delayed as I haven't been able to get the car out since before Christmas. This will go ahead as soon as the weather improves.

Following 4 days without Broadband, I have aded a few site updates. Check parts for sale section for 3x V6 Essex engines for sale in Spain.

Dare I say Merry Christmas?

A few updates this week to the Technical questions section. Also welcome to the new members this week - seems the winter weather means a few of you have the TVR jacked up ready for some maintenance!

Also worth a mention is that I'm working on the whole website after Christmas if the Tax Return takes less than a couple of weeks...
Plans include hopefully adding a new look, better graphics (not difficult!), more content including plenty of tuning videos, and a much better user interface. This will also apply to the members area, and perhaps even involve a new faster web server as the old one has been running for the last 10 years now!

I have been working on all types/makes of cars recently, breakdowns mainly, but the odd tuning job has been there to break the monotony. This month the interesting job has been a Triumph Spitfire 1500, fitting a stage 2 unleaded head, 4-2-1 exhaust, and tuning the twin SU HS4's afterwards. I'm still working on the second needle trial as the first set are too lean, but having the right tools makes the job easy nowadays, compared to the guesswork in the 1970's/80's/90's unless you had a load of cash to spend.

***The last TVR Taimar ever made is up for sale - check the Taimar for sale page for link to advert***

Pop up ads now gone
- I have removed the free web statistics software as it basically hijacked my site without notifying me correctly so wave goodbye to those annoying ads, I can live without web stats now as this site is 10 years old!

New wanted advert this week - someone is looking for a 1600M in Germany. See Wanted Ads

Just returned from holiday - apologies for lack of updates since early October. I have noticed an annoying pop-up advert has appeared on my site - looking into it as I have not authorised this...suspect it's the web counter.

I am on holiday at the moment, but have posted this to help someone out with a TVR:

"Hi. I've posted this on Piston Heads also.

This is going to be a strange request, but hope someone out there can help us.

My wifes best friend has just had her brother die suddenly in bed at 62. He owned what we believe was a TVR 3000M. He took the car to a garage to have some work done on it about 3 weeks before he died and his wife doesn't know which garage and as yet she hasn't found the cars log book or any paperwork for the car. I remember seeing it once, about 5 years ago and it was Black with some stress cracking around the body. He lived in Farnham, Surrey, near Guildford.

So does anyone living near there or who used a TVR garage near Farnham know of a Black car sitting around gathering dust where the garage can't get hold of the owner?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated to save this
car and at the moment his wife needs it back to grieve and deal with his sudden death"

If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of this TVR, please email and I will pass on your contact details to the person concerned. Many thanks. Note on 24th August 2010 - this car has now been found, many thanks to those of you who have emailed in your findings.

I'm currently digging out the old film negatives from my restoration photos to transfer to digital images - will update the complete site once it's done as they will be much more detailed and less grainy than the scanned pics you may have seen in places on the site. Also they will have a large size option so you can see more detail. I'm also working on some products now - all will be revealed in a few weeks!

Technical Questions area updated, plus WAP site for members being updated with more useful data for "at the roadside" assistance. Also a new addition to the Gallery - an Essex Engined Hot Rod with nice close up view of its Holley Carb for anyone wishing to know what the conversion looks like.

Many thanks to James Collier for the following information regarding suspension on his 3000M:

"I've just replaced all the rear upper and lower wishbone bushes on the 3000M with the TR6 front lower inboard bushes. As mentioned on your site the studs which hold the lower outer bushes were ceased into the upright. However I did mange to replace the bushes without the hassle of removing the studs. I removed the nut and washer and then carefully drilled out the rubber, which in turn enabled me to remove the bush sleeve. Now with a liberal amount of bush grease I was able to push the new bushes into the wishbone housing over the stud using a pair of large adjustable pliers.

I thought that your readers would like to know that this can be done, without the hassle of drilling, machining and crack checking the uprights.

I also have Koni part number for the shocker absorbers: 80-2365.

I also replaced the anti roll bar bushes. The inboard ones are from a Triumph Herald anti roll bar and the outer ones are a Triumph Herald front lower wishbone bush which has to be shortened.

I hope this helps others out when doing similar jobs. "

James Collier, 7th July 2009


I was unfortunately unable to attend the Pre 80's meeting yet again this year....I hope all of you that went had a good time.

Summer is here - make sure you have got your cooling system sorted for the hot weather!

2500M V8 for sale in Canada - check out the Marketplace section.

Text and background colours changing on the site to make it easier to read. Please let me know if you find anything that needs making clearer, and thanks to the person who let me know about the old colours making it difficult to read.

Check out this great website if you own a car with a Rover V8 engine, or need parts for one: - Have a look here at this great site devoted to V8 engined cars. Some great new parts for sale, plus classifieds for V8 engined cars (both cars originally fitted with the Rover V8, and also cars modified to accept the Rover V8 - e.g. Mini, TR6, Capri etc etc

New for May 2009 is the M-Fix YouTube video channel - I have just posted a couple of test movies from my phone taken this week - take a look here:

More testing has taken place this week, and more to come. Carbs synchronised now, jetting is good but fine tuning taking the time. I'm trying to get an economical cruise along with good power for maximum acceleration. Seems to be working well and I'm amazed at how far out things have been. I will have to re-write the members area in the carb tuning section as I feel like I've just been studying for an exam for the last year! Working on making a throttle position sensor as another variable has reared its ugly head - i.e. varying mixture depending on throttle position at the same engine RPM's!

Work continued this week on the Triple Weber Setup - perfection is painstaking but worth it in the end. I hope to come up with a 'good' fuel consumption on cruise, as well as a great full power setup. Without the aid of my Air/Fuel test equipment this would be impossible. Will be creating a vastly updated section on this once completed. After that, the final tuning is the distributor advance curve adjustment, possibly the only thing I need a rolling road to do for me but still working on another method of doing this!

New gallery photos added, T slot wheels for sale - check it out in the marketplace.

The trip over the Berkshire Downs was a good test of the fuel setup & I worked out the average fuel consumption was 20mpg, not bad considering the fairly high average speed on the A roads. There is still a bad hesitation when on very slight throttle and when accelerating mildly...this is going to be a new challenge. Also still some popping back through the carbs. The standard brakes were only just able to stop the car as required so the 4 pot upgrade is imminent. More work will take place next week (after Easter) to fit a set of new safety belts. Full report & new section will appear as soon as it's done.

Spring fast approaching. The 3000M is off on its first trip of 2009 this weekend, I hope to provide a report of the day along with some MPG figures (or MPL) for those interested in the thirst of a 3.1 V6 Essex with triple DCNF's!

Managed to finally set the rear wheel alignment to more or less factory setting 020' toe-in now I have a set of tracking gauges. The alignment was found to be 030' toe-out after using a basic method of alignment after the restoration. It goes to show how innacurate any method can be rather than using the correct tools. Of course the factory (or TR6) alignment settings are a good starting point but small alterations may provide better directional stability once further road testing can be carried out. The front tracking was also checked & found to be exactly to spec - must have been doing something right when I set that up. Note the rear toe-in adjustment also affects the camber - more toe-in increases the camber quite noticeably. Not yet checked it but it appears to be about 2 negative now, will report on that in the next week.

I have also just modified the 3000M's wiper arms to allow the fitment of new style wiper blades. These are the ones you see on cars such as the Renault Scenic 2, Espace IV, Modus etc. Ebay sellers do a pair of 14" blades for under 20 GBP so I have bought a pair to test. Initial findings are that the clips to attach them to the arms are rubbish & not fit for the purpose, however the actual blades seem reasonably good. The driver's wiper blade still won't work on the extreme right hand side of the screen due to its curvature, and the new blades showed up the weak springs on the wiper arms. I removed the wiper arm spring and shortened it making the arm press against the screen much harder, but still allowing the wipers to operate well. Now at last the screen is cleared just like on a modern car - a first! I will move this info & add some pictures into a new section in the next few days.

Still wanting ideas for remanufactured parts - I am arranging some batches of parts to be made in the Autumn and so far have had a request for 3000S door window frames complete.

A new high good quality rocker cover kit has just been launched by RegAlia Rocker Covers - click on the link for more details:

Winter was 'ere (for once)!

The cold weather has shown that it's easy to forget we have winters here in the UK...but "when I was a lad" they were worse (or better in some cases!) than this year...I think it's just sad that more cars aren't fitted with limited slip differentials. Not that I wanted to take out the 3000M in it (no LSD on this one either).....

Front wheel drive cars are a struggle with LSD's anyway, that's why they are normally found on 4x4's or rear wheel drive cars only. If one driven wheel spins on the snow/ice on a non LSD equipped car then you are stuck as the other doesn't move. With an LSD the differential transfers the drive to the other side, thus making traction better in difficult conditions. For track use it does the same thing, and of course means you go forward quicker rather than burning rubber. The downside is higher stresses in the differential, therefore and LSD is normally beefed up considerably.

Still not done, but clearer photos will be replacing some of the old photos on this site very soon due to a new piece of kit I have which allows high quality digital copies of my old 35mm photos from the 1990's...will keep you informed as this happens.

More Wanted Adverts this week - please see below for an opportunity to get a special TVR badge:

"I looked around on the net to find a textile badge identical to our M series bonnet badge (to be put on a cap). I found a company who can make them from a picture of the badge, puts it in the computer, and makes badges. Now the problem is that a one-off would cost me 100. Is there any of you who would be interested too, so we can split the cost? Let me know, Im happy to coordinate all this. Contact Frank at "

Jan 7th 2009
At last! HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to the M-Fix TVR website to all, including the new members. New additions to the technical questions section have been added this week.

Again my mobile car repair work has taken up most of my time recently, with some interesting work on a Chimaera involving the central locking "black box" controller. Rather than fit a new CDL/Immobiliser setup I have decided to go down the diagnostic route, and have got involved in some serious electronics including microprocessor reprogramming and creating a wiring diagram to allow the complete system to be checked. More to follow once complete.

I am also looking into getting some hard to find TVR parts remanufactured in the Autumn of 2009 so please email me here with any requests/ideas you have regarding this.

NEC Classic Car Show 2008

I visited this show today (Friday 14th Nov). Nice to see a couple of Granturas & a Vixen there - no M Series cars however so may try to get the 3000M into the next show once it's complete. The show was larger than in previous years, taking up 4 halls & there were a great selection of rare classics were on display.

I have added a NEW section at last! See members area, clutches, added to assist when deciding whether to change your clutch. Also notes on sizes and I.D. markings to make purchasing a new clutch possible without stripping out the old one first.

Things have been busy at work during the last month so updates have been delayed. Finally sorted out my desk & members area will now start to be filled with some very useful tuning data, just need a day to get it all written.

8th Sept 2008 - 3000M Shells on EBAY UK - only 1 day to go before end of bidding! Only a couple of bids so far - don't miss out on this very rare opportunity! All from the same seller. Note this sale is not related to my website in any way, I just spotted it last night while surfing! See links below:

1972 3000M Bodyshell

3000M Bodyshell - front end damaged but rear half ok. Also has fold back roof (unredeemable the ad says) but maybe could be rebuilt like I have done? - sold for only 10.50!

3000M door aperture alloy gutters

New on the links page is the TVR Car Club Italia. Looking on the site there's a very interesting Turismo (Tour) around the Chianti Valley - check it out here! Would be a great place to take your TVR on some of the best roads & scenery in the World.

Welcome to the new members in the last couple of weeks - quite a few new ones as I guess it was the holiday season & time for some repairs!

New service available to TVR S owners (i.e. S1-S4, not the 3000S) to test/repair your electronic speedometer & test the speedo transducer. Pricing & details to appear very shortly on my business website -

New Wanted advert for some Vixen or early M series parts
- see here

Work continuing on fuel jetting.

Air/Fuel calibration now underway with the 3000M, therefore at last correct carb jetting can be carried out. Initial tests show a mixture that's far too rich on both acceleration & cruising. Should be able to save a few 's on fuel now & get rid of the power loss between 1850 & 2500 rpm. Full report to commence in members area in next few days with graphs, explanations etc.

Taimar spares!
Shame to see it but a good number of rare spares available on this Taimar shell/chassis that is on ebay. Item has been relisted. Click here.

Want to see an ongoing TVR 2500M restoration? Have a look here at Bill Patterson's photo Diary

TVRCC Track Day 28th April 2008 - Report
TVRCC Track Day 28th April 2008 Castle Combe
See the full report from an unusually quiet track day - click here

I am going to try to attend the TVRCC track days this year (see dates below), hopefully running the 3000M once I've sorted the exhaust (now in progress), jetting fine tuning, modified brakes, new wheels/tyres. Just about to purchase an air/fuel diagnostic setup for on the road fine tuning, may be of interest to owners of older TVRs out there without fuel injection. I have also been doing more & more work on Chimaera models recently so am happy to quote for work on newer TVRs (if under 15k value) now as they are not all that different to the old ones!

TVR Car Club Track days 2008:

Monday 28th April - Castle Combe (99db noise limit) - I attended but not in the TVR due to ongoing work.

Tuesday 27th May - Cadwell Park (105db noise limit) - Unfortunately the weather had been seriously wet and I didn't go simply as the forecast was bad.

Wednesday 25th June - Oulton Park (105db noise limit)
Wednesday 27th August - Oulton Park (105db noise limit)

Full report after each day will appear on this page.

April is here so time to get the car work started again (in-between my usual mobile car work -

RSS Feed address changed - it may be wise to re-subscribe to this service as I've moved it to a server that supports rss feeds correctly (the old one didn't causing problems).

New wanted advert - someone needs a set of triple weber carbs, inlet manifold & possibly a set of air filters for a V6 Essex. Please see marketplace wanted ads.

Gallery updated, technical questions updated this week.

is just round the corner, so it's time to check your TVR over ready for the nice weather.

Engine - Check all levels, drain/flush/renew as necessary. Check cooling system for leaks, and make sure the otter switch is working for your radiator fan. Check the radiator fins are unblocked & straight, and that the water pump doesn't have a load of crusty deposits under the spindle hole. If so the seals are worn and the pump could start to leak especially on hot days/long journeys.

Gearbox & Diff - Check for oil leaks & make sure the levels are correct - can be tricky to check on some models.

Tyres - Check for damage to the sidewalls & tread (don't forget to check the inside tyre wall too!).

Suspension/Steering - Jack up each wheel and check for play in the wheel bearings/suspension/steering, and spin the wheel to listen for any roughness in the bearing, as sometimes there can be no play but the wheel bearing's surface can be pitted. Rear wheels difficult to spin due to drivetrain. While you're there check over the tyre treads for embedded nails/screws etc. Check also the steering column top bush hasn't got any play by holding the steering wheel at 12 & 6 o'clock and pull/push with alternate hands.

Brakes - Check the pads & shoes - replace pads if under about 4mm, shoes if under 2mm. While drums are off, check the wheel cylinders aren't seeping under the rubber dust cover. De-rust the discs before using to save the pads from contamination. Adjust handbrake if necessary & check correct operation. Check cables aren't rubbing on the half shafts and if so move them away using a cable tie.

Drivetrain - Grease up the half shaft & propshaft UJ's if fitted with a grease nipple and check for excess movement in all joints. Check half shaft central gaiters aren't split or loose.

Windscreen & Wipers - If the car's not been garaged, the windscreen wipers may have ice damage - replace them if necessary. Top up the screenwash and adjust/unblock the washer jets if necessary.

Lights - Check all work ok after extended winter use. Tap each lamp unit while they are on in case a bulb filament is about to separate. May save you getting a ticket next time you drive at night.

Locks & Hinges - Use some light oil or spray grease to lubricate moving parts. Check the bonnet catches work properly & are secure as the fibreglass can sometimes split around these.

Rare set of new Weber triple carbs & Inlet manifold for sale - take a look here.

Further photos now available for a nice 3000M for sale in the Marketplace section. It's an unfinished restoration project car, but with little work left to do would suit someone willing to do a little work to finish it. Click here to see the car (2nd advert from top).

Taimar Engine/Transmission for sale in the USA:

"I have a complete good running Taimar engine/transmission for sale in PA, USA.  This drivetrain is complete carb to pan with alternator and starter. The engine is currently being auctioned on Ebay. You can email me at or bid on my Ebay auction HERE"

See XML link above for latest news. From now on I will use this to post all site updates as I guess you are all Tech Savvy enough these days! This is the RSS feed system, which means you will get updates automatically each time I post a new message/blog there as long as you opt in using your browser. It saves a lot of typing for me! Any problems with this, please feel free to email using the link in the menu bar at the top of this page.

The new M-Fix Workshop Manual version 1.0 is still being prepared for first issue. Latest news on the release date is now first half of 2008 - my business work has meant unforseen delays. However, the manual will include all of the information, photos, data etc available in the members area, and will be available from the online shop. Updates will be available as and when deemed necessary. Update packs will be available to allow previous versions of the manual to be updated. News of the launch will appear both on the M-Fix RSS feed, and the homepage here.

Things have been busy since the last update, so I am finally getting round to some more much needed improvements to the 3000M. Vented front brake conversion, new wheels/tyres, fine tuning of the triple webers are all on the way. Not to mention getting round to sorting out the seats and interior trims. All of this means some interesting new articles for the website, and also the publishing of the first edition of the M-Fix Technical Manual. I have been working on a V8S recently - body off chassis repairs, engine diagnostics, interior electrics, also have Serviced a Chimaera 4.0. Anyone else interested in some TVR related work please get in touch - see below for details.

I am now able to do work on a mobile basis - please see the new website for details here:
Rates are really suited to local work however, but I'm willing to travel outside the area shown if you need assistance on your TVR. I specialise in electronic diagnostics and have a Rover V8 14CUX dianostic tool, so am able to fault find most V8 TVRs now.

Again 26th Sept - new wanted adverts for 3000S and 3000M parts - see marketplace section or click here

Work is continuing on the first hardcopy manual which will be available for purchase. This means a load of extra work to get into some sort of useful format, so please bear with me, it's still in progress.

TVR Car Club Oxfordshire Region - Karting Endurance Race at Shennington Kart Track

It was a wild afternoon, with 11 teams of 3, each driver getting two 15 minute stints as the driver. The track is one of the best in the UK and the Karts are twin engined - which makes the racing much more fun as the speed can reach around 40mph. The weather was hot & sunny so the grip was at its best, the tyres only losing grip on the chicane and the two hairpins. Photos to follow, but if you're interested in karting then check out the Shennington Kart Racing Club at:

TVR Car Club Oxfordshire Region meeting for August 2007

A good turn out again this month, the weather being kind to make it a great evening in the car park looking at the cars, approx. 15 TVRs this time. If you wish to attend, the meetings are at the Foxcombe Inn Hotel at boars Hill on the first Thursday of the month. For further info see the TVRCC Oxford region website at

Some updates coming up this for 1600M engine data etc to the members area. Data is still currently being collated but will appear soon.

Remember this question?
Does anyone know what make glass sunroof was fitted to the Taimar? Also can you tell me what vehicle it was originally fitted to?
Many thanks to John Simpson - he has provided the answer - it was a Tudor Webasto sunroof.

Just spotted this on Youtube - an M Series TVR Video - not sure but looks like it's a UK owned car. I guess someone needed to get out the house at Christmas going by the title...

New item in Store - Gearbox Gasket Set for 4 speed Ford Gearboxes fitted to the 3000M and Essex V6 Engines (3 Litre).

TVR Car Club Oxfordshire Meeting 7th June 2007

I took the 3000M to the Oxfordshire meeting this week - there were 22 other cars there including a prototype 3000S which has no boot! It was apparently used by the hood makers for TVR and so is a unique model. See a couple of pic's below:

TVRCC Oxford June 2007

TVRCC Oxford June 2007

I have decided to expand the wanted & for sale adverts to cover all models of classic TVR i.e. any model up to and including the S models. This is due to the coverage this website is now getting thanks to years of being online - so I hope it will help anyone who owns an old TVR find a rare part, or sell their car to an enthusiast and not a time waster. Send any adverts you wish to display using the contact link at in the menu bar.

3000M rolling road session report now viewable in members section - see Technical Manual, Engine, V6 Essex for the report (members area only).

It was arranged by the TVRCC Cotswold 3 Counties...Interesting range of cars were there including a TVR Typhon. The power & torque curve is shown so you can see what was recorded, an see how much a triple carb setup produces along with the other mods.

Rolling Road Test Day 2007

Rolling Road Test Day 2007

Can you help a 3000M/S owner track down a spare roof/frame assembly? Or perhaps suggest parts from donor vehicles that can be modified? If so please see the WANTED ad's page.

For May there were additions to the new section on MOT Emissions test procedure (to help those of you who do your own tuning to understand how the test centre measures your car's emissions). Also is a new article on Core Plug removal which has been my latest challenge this week.

I am now Self Employed again and once my 'work vehicle' is ready to roll I will offer a call-out repair/advice service to owners of TVR & Essex engined vehicles. Not yet sure on extent of area covered but hope I can offer something that's of help to most people in the UK. It's planned to be a home visit service where you can book a visit to help you sort out a problem with your car, to carry out some maintenance, MOT preparation or pre-MOT check, or just for a helping hand with some heavier jobs such as lifting off your bodyshell etc. There's the possibility of a telephone helpline where you can reach me when you need to talk about a car problem rather than wait for an email reply, however this has possible legal implications so I am seeking advice before going ahead. I am going through the many survey replies received in the past 4 years to see what else I can offer with this new venture, including offering work/advice on other TVR models. Please feel free to drop me a line if anything mentioned above is of particular interest.

While I will offer the mobile service initially, I am in the process of checking out some local workshops as I feel this is the only real way to offer a good service to you in terms of mechanical work. If this is possible, it will be in Banbury, Oxfordshire or the immediate surrounding area, although not yet sure if feasable due to the crazy costs involved and lack of small workshops in the area.

The above work means I will be working full-time on this business, therefore expect many new articles, photos and even streaming videos to appear once this has begun! Also due to popular request I will finally be producing the M Series Technical Manual in hardcopy which will be available for purchase.

Midlife Classics Info
June 3rd 2007 is the Grand Opening for Bob Carroll's Midlife Classics business (for Classic Car Auto Restoration and Sales) in Princeton, Texas, USA. Also on this day is a Classic Car Show - check out the website for the cars here -, and click here for the Grand Opening Flyer (acrobat .pdf file). Book your tickets early for lower prices, and the first 20 registrations receive a FREE T-Shirt! Also prizes on the day.

Thanks to Chris Gale for answering the question on suspension from earlier this month. (I have a 1971 2500 and I have just replaced the front shocks and springs. I would like to replace the 4 rear springs. Any idea what weight they should be?). See his answer in Technical Questions - Suspension.

Finally I got round to testing the car to see if all the tweaks to the triple carbs and camshaft have finally sorted out the problem with high hydrocarbons (HC). I'm glad to report that it now sails through the MOT requirements but has to be fully warmed up (i.e. cooling fan must have cut in a couple of times before testing). Full update in 40DCNF section in members only area! Some updates to the technical questions have been added this week also.

Other updates to members area for March - mainly to make printing of the technical pages easier. Also a new technical question has been added. For full update please see rss feed (click on XML icon above).

Wap site in members area updated with more useful data. TVR 3000m 2500m 1600m and Taimar owners check this out!

Another TVR Vixen for Sale advert placed 18th Feb, have a look here!

More articles to appear soon, apologies for few updates this winter, I am hoping from spring 2007 the site will be more user friendly & contain loads more once I've finished some important work on my house!

TVR Vixen for Sale advert, new for Jan - have a look here!

Also, Web Server update ongoing improve the site's speed and address some worn out components. Please be patient, lots of things going on behind the scenes. Hope to roll out some new stuff on the site once all the changes have been finalised. There will be a few technical questions added tomorrow (Thurs 11th Jan). Once again welcome to the new members this month.

New RSS feed for this site - if you use Internet Explorer 7 or other various browsers you can now subscribe (for free) to be notified automatically for any updates to the site. Click on the XML link graphic above for the feed.

Sales area updated due to old adverts. Please feel free to send in your "For Sale" ads for any classic TVR - there are many site visitors interested in buying classic models of TVR.

Check out the engine section for a new page for a V6 Chevy conversion to a TVR 2500 - very impressive! Thanks also for the new info. supplied regarding the TVR 2500M triple carb conversion info. request in the right hand column of this page.

Please keep your adverts coming in for cars for sale, or wanted. The marketplace section is in need of some new adverts! Ok ebay is pretty much the top place to find stuff, but don't forget it's free here and most people looking are seriously interested about what's for sale. Welcome to the new members this week!

Anyone have any spare heater or hazard switches? See here for type required by an owner in Italy. Also does anyoneknow what these switches were originally fitted to? Please let me know here if you can help.

New WAP site now live for members. This will allow you to have technical data available to your mobile phone, allowing you to look up important info. at any time - e.g when you need to check your tyre pressures, have the tracking/camber checked etc. Work is continuing on this new side of the website.

New site map being compiled to make browsing easy with non Java menus useful for those without suitable browser or hand held personal organisers. See lower down this page on the right for the current menus available in text, and remember to use your browsers BACK key until pages have been modified to allow navigation to other pages to be possible. Java menu will still be shown as is much more useful to 80% of users.

The Cam replacement/timing section in the members area is now fully updated, and I'm currently working carb jetting, now getting closer to a nice sounding/running engine at last. Sorry for delays as I have had to spend a lot of time sorting various things out with the camshaft work. Spitting carb problem sorted now also. I am now in the process of sorting out the engine breathing system now, by fitting an oil catch tank which will vent out to somewhere at the back of the car - putting an end to fumes entering the car and making my clothes smell.

I am currently sorting out the poor running/MOT nightmare on the M-Fix 3000M due to triple carbs and a road/rally spec cam (Kent V62). I have changed the cam to a milder spec (Kent V63 Fast Road). The update to the technical manual for in-car cam changes, plus setting the cam timing correctly using offset woodruff keys is now available. The new cam is from a blank rather than reprofiled and allows the steel timing gear dot to line up with the crankshaft dot - explaining why the last cam forced the dot to be 1 tooth out when timing in the cam. Reground cams are offset more due to the regrinding of the lobes being altered in overlap etc. It is a bit of a chore to set the cam up but quite straightforward once used to it.

Wanted ads - see if you have something sitting in your garage that could help out a fellow TVR owner.

Plans underway to allow this site to be more user friendly in terms of browser and mobile phone/PDA access. Please email me your comments especially if you find the site difficult to access on a certain browser....thank you for your patience and continued support.

From June: Engine - full answer for the mystery inlet manifold that has been on the site for a few months now, thanks to Jason Cooke. Also of interest is a bargain 2500M for sale - see marketplace section, and further tech. info on unseizing a clutch plate (in technical questions - gearbox section). New parts wanted advert on 29th June - see "marketplace".

Please take some time to fill out the survey form, especially if you are interested in a new service I am thinking of setting up for those of you who sometimes need a helping hand doing the work on your cars. See survey for information.

Thanks for the "find a T-Slot wheel" contributions - one happy customer in under 24 hours!

Remember that the technical questions are for non-members also.

Click here to see what's been added to members section

...All new updates from March 2005 (click here to see what's been added) will only appear in members area where the articles can also be printed, unlike the free pages which will still be updated in all areas, except for the Technical Library. There is a small membership fee to help cover the associated costs of running the whole site (larger than you would imagine), and to help with future projects. The members site has NO Adverts as we think they just get in the way of the important stuff. Subscriptions are available for 1 Month, and now a discounted quarterly and 6 monthly option. For costs see Members Area Login/Signup in menu above.

New section finally started for bodywork resoration. First to appear is stripping paint to bare fibreglass.

For foreign visitors please try the new Babelfish link on the right of this page - at last it allows you to translate these pages!! Also, 4 New Technical questions so far this week. Also see M series cars for sale for new advert. Please also help me by filling in the survey form on the right.

If you need a second hand TVR part try Douglas Valley Breakers - they even have some classic models!

Visit the M-Fix Store HERE

Exciting news for anyone requiring an M Series windscreen - new manufacture with heated option. Also coming soon are heated rear screens. Click here for full info

38DGAS stripdown/servicing procedure now in progress, to appear as soon as I get time - done on 30th Oct. Also currently road testing the 3000M to get the running sorted since MOT tweeks, some photos to appear & some tuning info updates to appear in members area. New Autumn Survey form now on this page on the right below adverts - please help with future plans and send me your views!!

Many new technical questions, plus new articles in members section - see here for details. Links page now updated/amended. New web address for TVR Car Club North America -

+++PLUS+++ New this week is an ebay "window" which allows you to see a few of the current items available for your TVR - quite handy I think, no?

M-Fix shop open again - click on marketplace.

From August: Members area new information available: Adjustment of rear wheel bearings. More technical questions as usual. I am currently spending some time looking into a running fault which has reared its ugly head again, almost certainly to do with non motorcraft (Ford) parts for the engine....more on this very soon. Traced it (partly) to the cap, but also worn distributor spindle bearing at base of distributor. The bearing had worn enough to let the pressure of the cam gear alter the centre position of the rotor arm, allowing it to cut away the HT contacts inside the cap on no.'s 1, 4 and 2. Still getting the odd misfire now after fitting a new Bosch type non vacuum distributor from Aldon, but at least all 6 cylinders are working.

I have just discovered a company supplying goodridge hoses for the M Series & Classic TVRs:

Castle Combe Track day - Friday 24th June 2005
TVR Track Day Castle Combe 2005
Click here for full report

The M-Fix Store (in marketplace section) has now reduced the price of the Graham Robson TVR reference books. There is a 1 discount for payment made by cheque rather than Paypal (due to Paypal seller fees). These books are brand new and in stock now for fast despatch!

Also this month - new technical question, also long awaited update to members area with front brake info, photos and pad/disc/caliper overhaul procedure when servicing. Also Rear Brake overhaul now available, finished Sat 11th June 10.30pm. Updates to front and rear suspension sections also done (added new photos and text). All cars for sale sections updated - all old adverts were removed (thanks John B for your survey comment reminding me!)

May 2005 Latest - 3 new technical questions this week. Also, parts for sale section new advert with parts including a 3.1L triple carb steel cranked Essex! Take a look in the Marketplace section under parts for sale, or click here.

Also new exhaust section, rear suspension sections now added to members area - work in progress. Coming after are front & rear brakes info & photos. Also a new parts for sale advert & 5 new technical questions answered.

April 2005
V6 Essex Technical Data section started in members area, so far tech specs on general data, block/cylinder data plus torque wrench settings. This covers early and late type Essex engines. Now also some 2498cc Triumph Data for 2500M. Also added in the free area of the site are 3 new technical question answered, plus links page addition.

Following this will be a Technical Manual Data booklet....more news soon.

Feb 05: Addition to Gallery section.

December 2004 - New article on Propshafts now published & a couple of Sunroof restoration photos added, article updated.

Thanks to Clive at TVRCC Sprint magazine for featuring this website. As the article mentions the scrapyard watch section, please help me keep it up to date by emailing your "finds" straight away! See the Car Ads/Gallery section for more info.

Parts sourcing/price guide page being compiled...available to view from today (10th August 2004), but still under construction. All your notes including part numbers from other manufacturers' welcome, I want this to be a definitive list eventually to sort out these cars once and for all...

Trade tips section - ask me and I will try to answer!

At last something useful! Have been extremely busy with other things hence quiet period. New gallery photos, plus some new tips in the Wiring section for determining fuse ratings, wire sizes, and fusebox typical layout when fitting an Autosparks aftermarket loom.

New article on bonnet catches - thanks to Simon for your request for this item on your survey reply!

New information about converting your M series car to a V8! See Technical Library engine section

Get Advertising! -
If you have any spares to sell for your TVR or V6 Essex engined car then try the ads section. Plenty of wanted ads are there too - a good place to look if you have some old unwanted parts kicking around!

New Body Removal Article - see Technical Library, Bodywork.

Scrapyard Watch section now introduced - to enable M Series owners to find second hand parts from other vehicles that are otherwise no longer available. I have put a first entry in so let's see if a database can be built up enough to enable a list per geographical area. See classified ads section - update: 3000M seen in a scrapyard!!!

Come on, tell us if you know of any of these in a scrap yard:
Capri 3 Litre, Granada 3 Litre, Scimitar GTE, Triumph GT6, Triumph 2000 (for metal bumpers), Ford Consul (early type for windscreen) etc etc

New Fuel Sender Modification for cars showing full on gauge, but run out of fuel! See technical library under fuel system.

A new section has begun within the technical library - the diary of a TVR 3000M owner. This will be updated from time to time with new articles - already one update!

TVR Track Day Castle Combe 2003

Castle Combe TVRCC Track Day 2003

Also new is a downloadable TVR M Series buyer's guide, Wiring Diagram download, Windscreen & Rear Screen removal/refitting, Bonnet quick release mod, new gallery photo, bodywork tools update still in progress (more photos & info), new tech questions appearing regularly...latest one includes a downloadable sketch of safety belt mount plates.

The new site's running pretty smoothly now, with plenty more work needed to keep me busy. I'm trying to get all the sections finished, and still maintaining a fast response to technical questions (same day replies in most cases). Keep them coming in - each one then goes onto the website so in time it will become a useful source of help to others.

Please bear in mind that some of the sections require a lot of scanning of photos which is pretty time consuming - so I have to find spaces in my busy schedule to get them transferred to digital.

Thanks for all your support of this site past, present & future!

Work on the old Minifix site has now ceased but it will remain online for some time as is - so please add this new site's address to your favourites.

For 2004! - this site will begin to offer a few (to start with) parts for sale relevant to your M series TVR, or Ford V6 Essex engine.

Get Trading -
Please see new wanted adverts for second hand parts - may be of use if you have some second hand parts to sell. Alternatively, place your parts adverts for free (will add sections if popular).
Also is a new TVR number plates section - for wanted plates or plates to sell
Click here to visit these new sections

Claims to Fame!
Seen any "famous" people while driving recently? In late 2005 I pulled up behind a car with a number plate M0R 15Y - and none other than Morrissey (ex Smiths lead singer) was driving it. He was a good safe driver from what I saw! Wasn't driving a TVR though......

Additional note March 2007 - In response to a thread in a Morrissey chat forum last year, I really did see him in this car in Warwick, UK driving on the main road through the town centre. Could have been a tribute band singer though, as you know what they are like...but I am almost 100% certain it was the real one! By the way thanks for the extra website traffic you are generating for me :oP so here is my link to you:

What is the Technical Library?

Basically an owner's workshop manual on-line. Information is free to view, providing both standard maintenance procedures along with trade "secrets" - to allow you, the owner, to decide whether you want to attempt any work yourself.

TVR 3000M Engine Bay

Performance tuning/modifications - get the best from your engine & gearbox.


3000m at Snetterton Race Track 2000

Track day tips - how to pass the noise test, avoid mishaps, prepare for extra stress on your TVR.

Bodyshel TVR 3000m

Chassis preparation, repairs, shotblasting, painting, stripdown & rebuild etc etc. More pages appearing weekly.

Although the spare parts service is not yet operational, we would welcome any emails listing parts which you think are especially hard to find or know can no longer be bought new - to weigh up the level of interest & range of stock required to allow an on-line parts service to commence (use survey form above to tell us).

These cars, although quite rare and of alternative construction to mass produced vehicles of their time are not as difficult to work on as you may please have a look and see for yourself!

Advertise here - reasonable rates!

car Survey - Spring 2017 car

Please help me continue to improve this site and assess feasibility of a possible future workshop & parts supply, by filling out a very quick survey - nothing asked is compulsory to answer, and your information will remain strictly confidential - click here

Help still needed
Know what car this part of the electric window mechanism comes from originally? Click here for more info on how to help.

Scrapyard us to help you (if any classics are left in the yards)!
Tell us if you know of any of these in a scrap yard:
Capri 3 Litre, Granada 3 Litre, Scimitar GTE, Triumph GT6, Triumph 2000 (for metal bumpers), Ford Consul (early type for windscreen) etc etc
With your help we can keep these cars on the road...and stop them being garaged for years.


Forthcoming updates to technical library:

  • Fixing the side repeater lamps when corroded
  • Suspension Setup - See suspension Technical Data for alignments.
  • Dashboard - replacing the central panel - work finally underway in 2012 Photos to appear as work progresses
  • Plus much much more......

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