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9th December 2009


I have a good one for ya,,, The consoul of a 77 M, has several Lucas Rocker Swithes (w/ the plastic chorm border) , Lights, Rear Defrost,Hazard,Wash,Wipe and Fan.

Does anyone know from what vehicles these switches originate from,, especially,, the Wipe switch and Wash switch. And who would carry them ???

Follow up by Jean Paul on 17th July 2009:

Thanks for the feedback,, I did some research and I belive it came from a 1976 Aston Vantage,,

They made them from 76 to 78,, now,, all I have to do is find someone that deals in old Aston Parts !!

Contribution by Colin Bourassa on 13th Jan 2010

In regards to the question asked about the rocker switches used for the M Series electrics, Nigel Warner reported that he used part number 020.036 from Holden ( I bought these switches for my 3000S, and they fit fine.

See the last paragraph on this page of his restoration timeline:


I know the switches you mean, can't find out exactly which car they came from but am told they are from Aston Martin.

15th July 2009

By Jean Paul Fouqueau

For a 3000M 1977 :
can you say me where i can find 15671 and 15672 cowl top and bottom.


Follow up by Jean Paul on 17th July 2009:

Thanks al ot for the quick answer.
Tomorrow i'll go to see a friend who has a Triumph Sptifire -
I'll tell you if it's the same steering cowl.

After a little research and a stroke of luck, I happened to be working on a Triumph Spitfire 1500 (late type) this week, and thought the steering cowl/switches look the same as the later 3000M switch assembly. Please see here for the page where you can order the parts - I'm not 100% sure if this is the very same part but it looks like the same image as the TVR parts catalogue! Make sure you order the correct side - i.e. if you have a left hand drive model the cowl is different as the ignition key is on the other side.
29th January 2009

By David Cahill
Do you know what the doner car is for re-coil seat belts in a 1975 M?

Not sure on this, did once hear they came off the 70's Ford Transit - but cannot verify that. They seem pretty basic whatever they came from, stalk length would suggest a van of the time!

Update on 20th July 2009

These were Securon Belts which are still available.

4th March 2008

By Hans Dirks

Could you please tell me from what car the speedo-cable comes.
I have a 3000 M 1977. I took the cable out, because it was broken. I think someone else threw it away. No part to show to the scrapyardguy.

I think it's from the Ford Granada the gearbox end only - I'm not 100% sure but suspect it may be a TVR only part modified to allow the speedo end to fit a smiths instruments speedo. Speedy cables on my links page will be able to help you - or click here:

30th October 2006

by Matt Davidson

My tachometer sticks. I've got Smiths gauges all around. Sporadically, the tach will work but most of the time it is stuck showing around 4000 RPMs. I can tap the face and get it to drop back down but it creeps back up. Is this common? Is there any fix short of replacing the tach? The mechanism is sticking I guess, and I have tried to repair these units before with varying success. Sometimes a small drop of light oil can be all that's needed (with the unit stripped out), but without actually seeing it I cannot be sure. As long as it is sticking when disconnected then it will be some sort of mechanical fault (rather than internal electrical). Any adjustments to the internals can cause the rpm's to be indicated incorrectly so be careful if you strip it out - it's worth a go as at worst you will have to get another one anyway.

2nd August 2006

By Steve Addison


Please see the Parts sourcing list on the website - I have just updated it.
Not sure on years of donor vehicles as the list is still slowly growing as and when info. becomes available.

18th May 2006

By Jeff Roth

Is there a source for replacement speedo cables? My 2500M was equipped with this cable with push-on connector to this Smiths speedometer.
Try David Gerald Sportscars Ltd on my links page - they should keep this item in stock.
30th January 2005 I enjoyed reading your article on 'carpets' and have decided to have a go myself at replacing them in my 3000S. One thing I've not yet come across is the black edging tape to use, similar to your first photo "applying glue to the back of a piece of carpet" It looks like insulating tape !! Any ideas where to source ?
I'm hoping (maybe too optimistic) to be able to sew such an edging with a domestic sewing maching .... what do you think ? Any tips ?
The edging on the carpets is actually "piping" which is available from all
good fabric stores. It comes on a roll and is a bit like a coarse type of ribbon & you are right about fitting it - simply fold it over the edge of the carpet and sew it on with a large needle on your sewing machine. I was lucky as in my school days it was compulsory boys to have sewing class for 1 year!

30th October 2005

By Thomas

My seats are in poor condition, the sunvisors are missing. Can you tell me which car the bolster and cushion seat come from, and also from which car the sunvisors come from? The seats I'm told were TVR, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the headrests on another car (triumph possibly), but it would be easier to make new seat cushions than try to find a donor car - not sure on sun visors though.

28th August 2005

By Paul Bennet

I have a couple of questions regarding the following.

1) window winder mechanism (passenger side)

Mine has been bodged (see picture) and the screw is missing that holds the window winder handle onto the square, the square has been spread with a hammer to hold the handle on, do you know if the square can be replaced separately or does the window winder mechanism need replacing as a complete part, if so do you know where I can source one from and what are they from.

2) interior light switch

Mine have been replaced with modern ones , do you know what the original ones where from (one on left), what are best type to replace them by.
Ok, the winder mechanism would be very difficult to repair, the spindle would almost certainly have to be fabricated as you won't find one. The original winder was fitted to the MGB, but is modified as the arm that raises/lowers the glass was shortened due to the different dimension of the M Series door. Unless David Geral Sportscars or Exactly TVR sell them you may have to buy one from Rimmer Brothers and modify it yourself.

As far as I remember I bought the interior light switches from David Gerald TVR. Not sure if they still keep them so would be worth ringing them.

38 DGAS info now in members area (updated 30th October 2005)

19th July 2005

By Vicki Telesford

What were the original window winding mechanisms used in the early M series? I have a 1972 2500M, (only the fourth one made)..and someone has bodged up some winders to fit but they aren't right. I'm not sure about the early ones - I mean if they were different. Any chance you could email me a photo?

I think MGB winders were used after a TVR factory modification to shorten them.

23rd June 2005

by Paul Bennett

I have a query regarding the sun visors , mine seem to be flapping about a bit, how are they fixed to the roof ( I think the fixing has come away from the roof).
if the fixings need repairing whats the best method and is it a diy type job.
The sun visors are screwed into blocks of wood that are stuck onto the roof with fibreglass resin & sheet. The wood can crack which means the screw won't hold very well.

There are a few ways you could fix it:

1 - Move the sunvisor so the screw can make a new hole in the wood.

2 - Remove the windscreen & rubber, then peel off the headlining to access the wooden blocks and replace them.

3 - Remove the screw and use a syringe to inject some epoxy 5 minute resin into the screw hole. Replace the screw and wait for resin to set. This is ok but may mean screw is really difficult to remove at a later date.

5th May 2005

By Liam

My Taimar has factory fitted electric windows, unfortunately due to age and wear they need some attention.

Quite a few people have taken a look at the mechanism and have not recognised it at all.

I wondered if you could place the photo I have taken on your site and ask if any one knows anything of the mechanism and where I can buy spares/replacements ?

Anyone got any ideas? If so contact M-Fix using the enquiries link in the menu.

21st December 2004

by Tim Layzell

I have a 3000M Turbo. I need a carpet set for my car. I saw the coverdale carpets link on the website They will make me a set, but they dont have a copy of the layout. They said If I sent my existing carpets, they could make it from that but I am missing some of it. Do you know if there are any carpet plans available or anything else of use???
The problem is most of the time the carpets get damaged and so it's unusual to have every piece on such an old car, and the originals can change shape when removed. When I fitted the carpets I just trimmed everything to size inside the car, so all I can suggest is you make some templates...if any original pieces are a good fit then that would save you some time. I don't know of any plans for the carpets on these I'm afraid.

2nd August 2004

By Ralph Smyth

Do you know of any aftermarket seats that will fit in a 2500M besides the Cobra Roadster 7 and are there any power window kits that work with this car. I am in the US. Sorry but I'm not sure what seats will fit - basically it's a case of measuring the space and checking that with seat manufacturer's is down to personal preference really.

General electric window kits do exist, but not for this car as they use modded MG winders at a strange angle - the winder would have to be replaced with a non-standard one to allow this to work.

Sorry not much help, but anything's possible with determination...

11th June 2003

by Malcolm Martin

The static seat belts in my vixen S4 ( M Series Chassis ) are in poor condition and require to be replaced.
I would like to take this opportunity to convert to inertia reel type as fitted to the M Series cars. I am aware that a Mild Steel mounting plate is used, inside the rear wheel arch, to transfer the loads to the chassis.
Can you advise on the seat belt type/source, and if the wheel arch mounting plate is available. If the mounting plate is not available could you supply a sketch with enough
dimensions to allow me to have a pair manufactured ?
Please see attached photos for the M Series seat belt chassis bracket. Not sure about the Vixen but you would need some sort of brakets welded to the top chassis bar to bolt this bracket on.
See sketch for dimensions here (downloadable sketch)
Hope that helps you a little - should be easy enough to make some from some thick flat steel the right width?

19th May 2003

by Steve Bourne

Any ideas on where the window winder handles originate from? (TVR part no. 16199) I need a replacement for my car, have e-mailed Doug at David Gerald TVR and he can't help.
Have also had a look on the Rimmer Bros. website in case they were a standard Triumph part but can't find them there either.

The winder handles are difficult to source - I'm pretty sure the winder mechanism is an MGB or MG Midget modified winder - but I've found that when trying to get a replacement David Gerald were the only source. The trouble I've found is that there are two sizes of square drive - the other size being the one I keep finding. I forget which size is on the winder and door handle, but I've just spotted woolies do adaptor inserts (part number 289) for their chrome window winder handle (part no. 227) and door handle (283) - measure your spindles and I think these may now be suitable.

Find Woolies product page here: